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With a population of roughly six and a half million and home to the sixth most populous city in the United States, Arizona is a state on the rise. Be it Phoenix, with its nearly four and a half million residents, or the very small city of Holbrook, Arizona has a place for everyone. This means that the call for movers has been sent up like a Bat Signal, and in this hurting economy, the need is for discount movers. Be it a local or long distance move, make sure you don’t give up quality for a low price; Here are some things to look for in Arizona discount movers.

Arizona Discount Movers | What Do You Need

Any move, be it cross-country or up the road, can be a wildly expensive step to take, especially when you add up all the services you’ll need. A long-distance move can mean auto-transport, or figuring out the cost of gas to move the car on your own. Moving to a smaller house can create a need for storage. The first step is figuring out what you’ll need so that you can find the mover for you.

  • If you’re moving long-distance or internationally, you’ll need to make sure the companies you’re looking at can provide the services you’ll require for those moves.
  • Check what services are offered under the price umbrella. You’ll want to be certain that there are no extra fees that will be charged.
  • If they pack your house for you, make sure that they provide the packing materials, and ask if they have an in-house packing program to ensure that your belongings will be handled with care.
  • Check into the possibility of storage if you will need it, and that the storage areas are climate-controlled and have the proper security measures to make certain your stored possessions will be safe.

Once you’ve figured out what services you need and which companies cover those services in the quote they provide you, narrowing down which company to choose will be a much simpler task. But you don’t want to choose based solely on the price, and the choosing process is when you need to start doing your research.

Arizona Discount Movers | Quality For Price

In the economy today, many of us have had to become innovative when it comes to finding the best quality for the lowest price, be it extreme couponing or perusing consumer reports. From the best drug store makeup to cars with the best gas mileage, everything comes down to research. This includes finding the perfect moving company. When it comes to moving, discount doesn’t always mean dependable, and you never want to sacrifice quality for a price cut.

The first step is checking reviews.

  • Don’t forget, people are always ten times more likely to report a poor experience than a good one, so you’re not always necessarily looking for the companies with the best reviews. A lot of positive reviews is always a good sign, of course, but another way to check the quality of a company is by seeing which has the fewest negative reviews and also what those reviews say.
  • The fact is, human beings are infinitely fallible, and since moving companies are run by human beings, it’s likely that there will be a negative review or two in the mix, especially considering how many families or businesses the company might move in a week, month, or year. One thing to look for is how the reviewer says that a company handled a bad situation. The most important thing is never that there was a mistake made; it’s how the mistake was handled. Look for companies with great service recovery, because these are the companies that care about your happiness and the safety of your possessions at the end of the day.

Arizona Discount Movers | Choosing Acclaimed

Acclaimed Movers has been offering luxury moving services in the state of Arizona for the better part of a decade. They are an experienced moving company with a line of fifty-foot eco-friendly trucks, on-site storage that is both climate-controlled and monitored by security, and auto-transport for those long-distance moves. They cover everything from local to international moves, and provide many services, from the wrapping and packing of your belongings by a professional, in-house trained staff to the reassembly of furniture in your new home. They provide a helpful staff that is always on hand for any questions you might have, as well as a free, no-obligation quote. Call Acclaimed today to find out why they’re the perfect Arizona discount movers for you.

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