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Moving to a new home or office can be an exciting time—starting fresh, setting up shop in a larger or better designed location, perhaps in a new city or state. However, any relocation will have its share of frustrations as well. Packing up your belongings is a long, exhausting process. Packing them correctly can be a challenge all by itself. Large vans or moving trucks can be cumbersome to drive. And even after everything is packed, transported and delivered, all those boxes need to be unpacked, furniture reassembled, etc. There are a lot of good reasons to call upon the assistance of professional movers; the best moving companies will take a lot of the stress and labor out of a big move.

Best Moving Companies | The Full Guide

Before you pack up your first box, you’ll want to be confident that you choose a professional mover from among the best moving companies available in your area. Here’s a guide to help you make that crucial decision.

  • Cost- Naturally, your budget will be a big factor in what services you can reasonably pay for. Your first set of phone calls should be to determine rates, and what is included in the cost. The best moving companies always provide free quotes, and some also offer on-site estimates and “Not to Exceed” quotes, too.
  • Services- Price is a factor, naturally, but how much bang you get for your buck is a better way to identify the best moving companies to suit your needs. If you don’t have a lot of belongings or are comfortable doing the packing yourself, maybe you just want assistance with loading and transport. Or, if your move is more complicated—lots of furniture and other heavy objects, complicated reassembly—you might be in the market for a soup-to-nuts professional. Some movers will offer different tiers of service, or have an a la carte menu of options from which you can choose, so be sure to ask.
  • Packing Materials- The boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other items you need to pack your belongings have to come from somewhere. Unless you plan to hit up grocery stores and every friend in your address book, you should definitely find out if the moving companies you are considering offer packaging materials and what they charge for them. The best moving companies often include materials gratis with their packaging services; don’t forget to factor this in when you are comparing movers and prices.
  • Experience- The type of move you are making will help you determine how qualified your potential moving companies are to handle the unique challenges of your relocation. For example, if you are moving your office, does the company have experience with commercial moving needs? How about expertise in packing and transporting pianos, heavy equipment, art, antiques or special items? How skilled is the relocation team? The best moving companies will have trained employees on staff, rather than, say, students hired for the summer break.
  • Reliable equipment- A well-maintained, well-equipped fleet of vans or trucks is essential, especially for long distance movers. You don’t want your move held up because of a breakdown halfway into the trip!
  • Insurance coverage- One big reason to hire professional movers is the liability coverage they carry in case of loss or damage to your property. The best moving companies will be well insured, so you can trust your TVs, computers and other valuable items to them with confidence.

Best Moving Companies | Acclaimed is the Way to Go

Based in Los Angeles but operating worldwide, Acclaimed Movers has many of the qualities anyone would look for in a professional commercial or residential moving company. All employees are friendly and courteous, and undergo rigorous training in packing, transportation and furniture assembly, so every item you own will be cared for properly. Acclaimed’s vehicles are new, well maintained and equipped with GPS units, and operate on bio-diesel fuel for a lower carbon footprint. The company utilizes quality packing materials and will custom design crates as needed for unique items. For over 10 years Acclaimed Movers has been counted among the best moving companies in the world, successfully relocating homes, offices, restaurants, warehouses and more—across the nation and across the globe. You can trust them to handle all the complications of your move, so you can spend your energy settling into your new place!

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