California Van Lines

California Van Lines

California Van Lines

Anytime that you’re making a move in the state of California and you need professional assistance, you need to hire a company from one of the various California van lines. California van lines are the major moving companies responsible for residential and commercial moves. These companies employ professional movers, and regularly handle all manner of furniture and equipment. They must be fully licensed and insured in order to perform their services, and are regulated by the Department of Transportation. Their services include both local and long distance moving, and they should be able to help you move any item to any place around the world. When you’re ready to make a move, it’s important that you end up with a good California van line and not a rogue mover, which is why industry experts have put this blog together to help you make an educated decision.

Finding Great California Van Lines

To find a mover from the many available California moving companies, you will need to do extensive research, including scanning websites and following up with in-person visits to the company’s facilities. You should also gather quotes from as many companies as possible, so that you can see what services are offered under your budget constraints. Beware of companies offering ultra-low moving quote rates, as they are likely rogue movers operating outside of the law. Unlicensed companies offer extraordinarily low rates to get a foot in the door, or they offer to waive state-mandated fees like double drive time, so that they can get your business. Once they have your belongings on the truck, they raise the price and hold the items hostage until you pay the new price. Extensive research will allow you to avoid such issues, as will verifying a company’s standing with the Department of Transportation. The DOT has a website with information, as well as, representatives available by phone to help you find out more information on any van line you’re interested in using.

Qualities Great California Van Lines Possess

Here are some things to expect or look for in a great California van line:

  • Punctual, clean-cut movers. Great California van lines have a team of their own movers, who are clean-cut, experienced professional that always show up on-time.
  • Comprehensive accessorial services. They should be able to assist you with planning and preparations (including choosing dates and materials), as well as, with packing.
  • Free on-site estimates. They should always provide free on-site estimates so that you get the most accurate moving quote possible, and so that you also get a binding, not to exceed price for the move.
  • In-house transportation. Every great California van line will have their own trucks for transportation, and if they don’t they’re actually a moving brokerage company. Nowadays, good companies use bio-diesel trucks to help preserve the environment.
  • Comprehensive moving services. Local moves, long distance moves, residential moves, commercial moves, auto moves, great van lines will be able to help you with all of those services.
  • Full licensing and insurance. Legally operating California van lines will have full licensing, bonding, and insurance so that your items are covered in the event of damage occurring during the move.
  • A good reputation with the PUC and DOT. Great California van lines will have a good history with the Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Transportation, which regulate the moving industry and handle any complaints or issues.
  • The tools and training to handle any furniture or equipment. Quality California van lines will have lifts, lift-gates, dollies, carts, and piano tilters; along with properly trained crew members who can handle the equipment correctly.

California Van Lines, In Summation

Now that you have a little more information about California van lines, and how to find  good ones, you’re ready to get started on your move. Remember to give yourself enough time to make an educated decision, and try to avoid making hasty, rushed decisions regarding who you should move with. To save yourself time and trouble, get a free, no-obligation quote from Burbank Movers if in Los Angeles. Ventura Movers is the premier California van line, and has comprehensive, luxury moving services. They help people move to places all around the world, and are dedicated to making a lifelong customer out of each person they help. With Acclaimed Moving, your next move is sure to be an effortless and enjoyable moving experience.

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