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Car MovingYou’re making a move, and everything’s ready to go, except your car. What do you do? You could drive it alongside the moving truck to your new place (unless your journey takes you across a large body of water), or you can call one of the many car carrying companies out there to find suitable auto transportation services. Driving the vehicle yourself may seem like a good money-saving plan; however, it will lead to wear and tear on the vehicle and gas expenses, which will cost you money. It’s better to put that money towards trained professionals, who will then load that vehicle onto a truck or into a shipping container and transport it to any place in the world. How do you find the right car carrier though? That’s a good question, one this blog intends to answer, to help you have a more enjoyable, cost-effective move.

Car Carrying Companies – Brokers vs. Actual Carriers

One of the most common obstacles people encounter during a search for a car carrier is that they find a broker instead of an actual mover. Moving brokers are companies that act as movers, provide quotes for moving services, and then find another company to take care of the actual move. In the auto transportation world, they let the true car carrying companies bid to take care of the actual labor and transportation. You don’t want to work with a moving broker, because they will likely charge you a higher rate then you could get if you went directly to the carrier. If you’d like to differentiate the brokers from the actual movers, check out the licensing information that the companies provides with the California Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Transportation (these are the regulating bodies that will help you determine whether a company is a licensed mover or broker).

True car carrying companies have their own trucks, movers, and tools and take care of all auto transportation themselves. They do not contract out the job to another company, instead using in-house labor and transportation to get you the best rate possible. All of their movers are clean-cut, experienced, company men who have spent time relocating various types of vehicles. These companies will offer both closed-crate and open-air transportation, and will take on any type of vehicle imaginable, including; daily drivers, classic cars, exotics, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, personal watercraft, dealership vehicles, auction vehicles, and non-running vehicles. With a car carrying company, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is being transported by dedicated professionals.

Car Carrying Companies – What you can Expect

Here’s a quick look at the services you can expect from the nation’s best car carrying companies…

  • A detailed exterior inspection of every vehicle before they’re moved. It’s always in the best interest of the company and the customer to complete an exterior inspection of the vehicle prior to the move, to note any blemishes, dings, nicks, scratches, or dents. Also, they will check to see if the tires are balanced and the vehicle has the necessary fluids to operate.
  • Closed-crate or open-air transportation. The best car carriers will give you a choice in how your vehicle is transported. Closed-crate moving services offer the most protection and privacy for your vehicle, while open-air shipping offers convenience and affordability.
  • Door to door or terminal to terminal delivery services. With awesome carriers, you will be able to have your vehicle picked up from a pre-determined location and dropped off at another one (terminal-to-terminal). Or, you can have your vehicle picked up from your door, and then delivered directly to your new address (door-to-door).
  • Expedited delivery and a dedicated truck. These services are often associated with long distance moving, but can also occur during an auto move. With an expedited delivery, your vehicle will arrive on the exact date that you specify. With a dedicated truck, your vehicle will travel alone, without any other vehicles on the truck.

Car Carrying Companies – Acclaimed Movers has its Own Carrier

You’ve got an idea of what to look for now as you choose a car carrying company, but you can save yourself the trouble of doing an arduous search by getting a free, no-obligation quote from Acclaimed Movers. For more than a decade, Acclaimed has provided comprehensive, luxury, residential, commercial, and auto moving services to customers across the nation. The company focuses on being a one-stop shop for moving solutions that makes a lifelong customer out of each person that they help. Instead of acting as a broker, Acclaimed has its own vehicles for car transport (offering both closed-crate and open-air transportation), and partners with a select few companies when demand exceeds capabilities. The company can transport daily drivers, classic cars, exotics, motorcycles, personal watercraft, recreational vehicles, dealership vehicles, auction vehicles, and even non-running vehicles. They travel anywhere in the world, offering both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery, and provide unparalleled services at economical rates. Don’t get caught up looking through car carrying companies, instead call Acclaimed Movers, sit back, and enjoy your relocation.

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