Finding the Perfect Movers in Plano, TX


Plano TexasWith a population of over 260,000 people, Plano has grown into a major suburban center and home base for a number of corporations. The city has blossomed into more than just a suburb of Dallas, transforming into a beautiful, bustling North Texas business hub. Along with the industrial growth, the city has developed gorgeous neighborhoods and strong schools, becoming one of the premier places to live. That being said, moving in Plano can be stressful, which is why it’s nice to work with local professional movers, who understand the area and the industry. This blog will help you find the perfect movers in Plano, TX for your next relocation. Local, long distance, auto, you’ll be able to find whatever kind of moving company you need.

Movers in Plano TX - How To Find Them

If you want to find movers in Plano, TX, then you should head to your nearest computer and firing up an internet search engine (you’re reading a blog so I know you have some access to the inter-webs). You’ll find a list of results a mile long I’m sure, and you can start calling them one by one, or you can be smart as you go through websites and narrow the list down dramatically. Start by locating the companies licensing information, which should be clearly displayed on the main page of their website, next to their physical address and contact info. If this isn’t easy to locate, or isn’t on the site at all, scratch that company off the list. Once you’ve gathered a few, potentially licensed companies, consult the Public Utilities Commission and make sure that they really are licensed to handle your move (the PUC regulates the moving industry, check ‘em out online). If they’re licensed, it’s time to give them a call and see how they handle over the phone questions about insurance coverage, fuel charges, packing charges, and potential services. If they’re courteous and knowledgeable, then they should be high on your list. If not, then let them kick rocks. Now, it’s time to get an on-site estimate from the quality companies that have survived the first few tests. This service should be free, and they should send an expert to your home or business to assess the move at a time that fits your schedule. The on-site estimate will get you a binding, written moving quote and a “not to exceed” price that protects you from hidden fees. Once you’ve gotten a few on-site estimates (actually, get a bunch because it’s good to know what the market is like), then you can choose the perfect movers for your relocation.

Here’s a brief recap of how to find great movers in Plano, TX

Movers in Plano TX provides Acclaimed Service

Now that you know how to differentiate the different types of movers, and to select the one that fits your move best, I’m going to clue you in on where to start. Make sure you get multiple estimates, at least three is advised, but one of those needs to be from Acclaimed Movers. For a decade, Acclaimed has provided luxury, local and long distance moving services in the Southwestern United States. They’re a full-service, fully comprehensive moving company that provides moving solutions for all types of moving needs. All of their Plano movers are clean-cut, hardworking individuals, who have extensive industry experience. They can provide assistance with planning and logistics, packing help (including dis-assembly, reassembly, and crating of furniture), and all labor and transportation. They pride themselves on being a quality moving company that creates lasting relationships with each person that they help. The company’s goal is to provide top quality services at economical rates, and to be synonymous with reliability in the moving industry. When you need trustworthy movers in Plano, TX, you need to call Acclaimed Movers.

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