Long Distance Movers in New York

Long distance movers in New York

New York is the largest city in the United States and has a climate consisting of cold winters and sweltering hot summers. If you think navigating a truckload filled with personal belongings within the city limits is an easy task, think again. Planning a long-distance move to or out of New York involves many complications that must be considered well in advance. There is no doubt that hiring a long distance mover in New York will give you a better chance of a smooth transition into this busy and lively city, but let’s be sure you have considered everything.

Licensed Movers

Although unlicensed movers are cheaper, licensed movers must meet with certain insurance, safety, and financial standards. You take a risk using a mover who won’t give you an address or a license number. Find out if your long distance movers are licensed by contacting the state Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) at 1-800-786-5368 for movers within New York or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for moves from New York to another state. It also may be wise to check out the company with the Better Business Bureau at 212-533-6200 for New York City areas and 1-800-828-5000 for elsewhere in the state of New York.

Know your rights before selecting a mover. Obtain a copy of the Summary of Information for Shippers of Household Goods from the New York State Department of Transportation. Then get estimates from different movers based on a physical inspection of your home or place of business. Be wary “low-ball” estimates. This may be a quote just to draw you in and be hiked up later with additional fees at the time of your move.

Understanding the Contract

Read the bill of lading carefully. This is a formal contract that states whether the cost of the move is based on the time it takes to conduct the move or the weigh of your goods. Realize that you will not know the exact cost of an hourly rate move or a weight-based move until the shipment is delivered or weighed. Despite this unknown, you should never sign a contract that has blank sections. The mover can later fill in these blank sections without your knowledge.

Make sure you have a complete understanding the protection available to insure your belongings and the limitations of the mover’s liability. You should determine whether you are comfortable with basic insurance or require an additional coverage before signing the contract. Most movers have alternate insurance options where expensive valuables can be listed separately for their full value. The full value must be specified by dollar amount in the valuation section of the contract. Acclaimed Movers & Storage are long distance movers in New York and have the most professional movers and an experienced staff that can assist you with your upcoming move.

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