Long Distance Movers Reviews

When choosing the moving company that’s right for you, the best way to find a reputable company with a great track record in customer satisfaction is by researching the company itself as well as customer reviews to find the one with the least amount of horror stories and the most amount of happy experiences. Since every company is capable of making mistakes, the key is finding a professional, experienced, and accredited company that excels in both service and service recovery. To find a mover

Long Distance Movers Reviews | Gathering Information

The first step to take when looking for a mover is gathering as much information on your own as you can. The more information you gather on your own, the more detailed research you can do to help find the perfect moving company for your long distance move. To find a reputable, experienced company, there are key things to look for when doing your research.

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company you’re thinking of hiring meets the BBB accreditation standards, and that the address and phone number provided by the BBB match the address and phone number provided on the company’s website.
  • Match the DOT and MC license numbers provided by the moving company with the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Administration websites to ensure that the company is both authorized and insured to perform your long distance move.
  • To make sure that you’re hiring an experienced company, ask how long the company has been in business, which can be double checked on the BBB website. You want a company that has a lot of experience in the moving business to ensure the safety of your belongings if you choose that company. Because you’re placing trust in them, you want to make sure they are knowledgeable and well-trained in the art of moving.

Long Distance Movers Reviews | What to Look For

When reading company reviews, it can be easy to write off certain companies based on a slew of negative customer reviews, but the key is finding the company with the best service recovery. Another hindrance in reading reviews is companies with similar or the same names. The easiest way to determine which company is which is by using the above collected information and matching it to the company websites or addresses provided in the review.

  • Cheap doesn’t always mean quality. If you’ve narrowed down your search to the cheapest companies, you want to ensure that you’re not going to sacrifice the standard of your move for the cost of it. Also watch out for additional fees that could be added on at the end of your move. When reading reviews, make sure you find a company that doesn’t have reviews citing surprise fees.
  • Service recovery is key. If you’ve found a company with a few negative reviews, make sure that they mention how the problem was handled. If the company neglected to fix the problem, move on. It’s not about finding a company with no bad reviews; it’s about finding a company that knows how to recognize and fix its mistakes.

Long Distance Movers Reviews | Acclaimed Excels

For the better part of a decade, Acclaimed Movers has been performing every move from local to long-distance, commercial to residential. They have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are experienced in the art of the luxury move. Their fleet of eco-friendly, fifty-foot trucks operate on bio-diesel to reduce their carbon footprint, and are equipped with GPS units to ensure the efficiency of the move itself. They offer a free, no-obligation quote, so call Acclaimed today and find out how they can help with your long distance move.

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