Long Distance Moving Checklist

Global RelocationLong distance moves are the most difficult of all relocations, something that is already considered one of the three most stressful things a person will do in their life. Anytime you’re making a long distance move, it’s good to have a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished so that the move can go off without a hitch. As such, industry experts from Acclaimed Movers have put together this long distance moving checklist to help you better prepare for your relocation. The checklist is built around a time frame, which gives you a rough idea of how long you will need to get ready for the move. It is not a cure-all for the preparation process, but it will definitely steer you in the right direction, making your move much more enjoyable. Here we go…

The Long Distance Moving Checklist

With Three Months To Go

  • Pick a moving date. Sweet and simple, this is the time to set aside a day or weekend when moving will work for you (or your business). You pick a date well in advance so that you can arrange the services you need around that specific date.
  • Begin gathering moving quotes for the transition. This is a critical step in the process, as it allows you to see what reputable, reliable companies are out there, as well as, what services are offered within your price range. Make sure that you get quotes from at least three companies.
  • Have ONLY on-site estimates performed. You want to get multiple quotes for your move, but you also want to get the most accurate estimates possible. That means that you need to have an on-site estimate performed. Now is the time to schedule this service (a service that should be completely hassle and cost free).
  • Find a place to move to. If you’re planning the move, then hopefully you’ve already found your new home or business. However, if you haven’t, now would be the time to find a place.

With One and Half or Two Months…

  • Complete all research and choose a moving company. You want to make your decision on what moving company to work with ASAP (while still doing your due diligence), so that you can arrange your moving date with them and ensure that you get their services.
  • Start disposing of the stuff that won’t be moving with you. Now is the time to discard all of the items that you no longer want or need. If you have gently-used household goods or office goods, local charitable organizations and churches will happily accept them.

One Month…

  • It’s time to start gathering supplies for the move. At minimum, you will need tape, boxes, packing paper, moving blankets, and shrink wrap to properly pack for and complete the move. These items can be obtained from your local grocery, office supply, or moving supply store.
  • Shut off or transfer all utilities, notify organizations of change of address. Now is the time to start preparing for your change of address, by notifying the utilities company to transfer your services, as well as, by making banks, schools, the post office, and any other organizations aware of the impending change.
  • Start planning your meals so that your fridge will be empty by moving day. That last thing that you want is to get stuck with perishable goods still in your fridge on moving day, so start planning your meals accordingly. Eat the stuff you have and clean that baby out!
  • If you plan on having the moving company handle the packing, it’s time to schedule that. If you plan on taking the DIY approach, now is the time to start packing. Start with things that you don’t need every day, and slowly pack up the entire place.

Two Weeks…

  • Cleaning time. Now is the time to begin cleaning your place. If you have a deposit that you want to get back, or you’re selling the place, it’s time to get down and dirty. Make sure to scrub behind appliances and get into all of those little nooks and crannies.
  • If you haven’t started packing, and you’re handling it yourself, now is the time to start packing (and at this point to start playing catch-up).
  • Give the moving company a call just to confirm your moving date. You want to guarantee that the moving company will show up, and that they’re ready for your move, so call and confirm with them.

One Week…

  • If the professionals are taking care of the packing for you, they will likely be coming sometime this week. Prepare for their arrival by finishing discarding the items that you no longer want or need, and by cleaning up around the stuff that will be packed.

The Big Day

  • Have a tip, and possibly even a snack, ready for your movers; then, step back and let them take care of everything. If you take care of them, and treat them with respect, it will go a long way towards ensuring that the movers care about your move and treat your stuff with respect.

Use this checklist to keep your next long distance move on track. Another way you can keep your move on track is by hiring the experts at Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed has performed long distance moves for more than a decade, and offers comprehensive, luxury long distance moving services. The company is synonymous with reliability, affordability, and efficiency in the moving industry and you can trust them to take great care of your belongings. Every relocation with the experts at Acclaimed Movers is a personalized, enjoyable experience, which includes assistance with planning and packing, in addition to having professionals handle the labor and transportation. When you’re ready to make that long distance move you’ve been dreaming of, Acclaimed Movers is ready to help.


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