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Long Distance Moving quoteLong distance moves begin with the same process as any other move, obtaining multiple moving quotes. You must obtain as many quotes as possible, so that you can find the company that offers the services you need at the rate that fits your budget. In order to do that, you must know exactly what will be included in long distance moving company quotes, and that’s where this blog will assist you. The more finite details of long distance moving company quotes will be broken down and explained, so that you’re prepared for when the estimates start rolling in. Once you have multiple quotes, you can get the companies to bid for your services, which will get you the best rate possible for your move. Here is the breakdown of what’s to come…

What’s included in Long Distance Moving Company Quotes

In addition to the labor charges you will also find that your long distance moving company charges for:

  • Packing and unpacking charges
    They will be able to professionally wrap and pack every item that you have. Although this service will cost you money up front, it will save you time and money in the long run when all of your items arrive in one piece, completely undamaged. Proper packing is an oft overlooked essential for long distance moves, and it allows your boxes and items to withstand the pressures of an extended transition. The fee for assistance with packing and unpacking will vary from company to company.
  • Stairs and elevator charges
    Anytime the moving company must traverse a set of eight or more stairs, or must use an elevator, when carrying your items, you will be assessed a fee. For every additional flight of stairs after the first set of eight there will also be an additional fee. These fees are standard for long distance moves, and will vary from company to company.
  • Long carry fees
    A long carry is when the moving company must cover more than seventy-five feet when carrying items between the truck and the load/unload destination. For all long carries you will be assessed a fee, which is standard procedure across the board in the industry.
  • Shuttle fees
    Any time that the moving company cannot fit a truck into your location, they will have to use a shuttle, and that will lead to an additional fee. Shuttle fees will vary from company to company.
  • Storage fees
    Some moving companies will offer long-term, short-term, and overnight storage, in the event that you’re not ready for your items to be delivered right away. You can inquire about storage with the company and find out more about their pricing.
  • Bulky item fees
    For all items that are heavy enough to require special handling, or the use of tools like lift-gates, you will be assessed a bulky handling fee. This fee, like the others, will vary depending on the size of the object and the company you’re using.

Acclaimed Movers Quote

Now that you know what should and will be included in your long distance moving quote, you can begin analyzing the quotes that you’ve gotten. If a quote you’ve received does not include any of those services and subsequent fees, when you know you will need them, you should begin looking at a different company. You can also save yourself time and trouble by getting a free, no-obligation, long distance moving company quote from Acclaimed Long Distance Movers. Acclaimed offers quotes online, through their convenient moving quote generator, over the phone, through their sales representatives, or in-person, through their on-site estimator. They’ve simplified the process of getting a quote, and made it easier than ever to get moving. In addition to providing economical quotes, Acclaimed provides comprehensive long distance moving services that simplify the process of transitioning to any place in the world. Your next move doesn’t have to be an arduous, stressful process, just let Acclaimed take care of the labor and logistics.

You’re now armed with new knowledge about long distance moving company quotes, allowing you to make an educated decision when you finally chose a moving company. Good luck with your long distance move.

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