Money Saving Tips for Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Long distance moving takes more work and more money than local moves. But there are ways to make moving long distance easy and less expensive, especially with the benefits of a good plan. First let’s not rule out hiring professional long distance movers in New Jersey to safely transport your personal belongings across state lines. Before ruling them out obtain an estimate. Then compare the estimate with what it will cost you in time and money to move yourself. Cheap long distance moving is attainable when you know how to cut corners. The secret is in knowing the many ways to save money.

  • De-clutter. Moving is the perfect time to get rid of items you no longer use or need. Consider having a garage sale. You just might raise enough money to pay for a professional mover. Also consider the cost of moving with items versus replacing them. It’s possible to save money replacing old furniture pieces when settled at the new location.
  • Take advantage of as many free items as possible. For example, free boxes can be obtained from recycling centers. Some grocery or department stores throw away old boxes. Finding someone who has recently moved can also provide huge benefits, you can help them get ride of their empty boxes by taking them off their hands for your personal use.
  • Use old newspapers as padding for fragile items. Towels and linens also provide great padding and will save you the expense of purchasing pricey bubble wrap or other packing materials.
  • Try to schedule the delivery date of your shipment as close as possible to when the new location will be available. This will help prevent storage costs. Keep in mind that if the shipment arrives before your new home is ready you will incur additional cost if the moving company has to hold or store your items.
  • Consider DIY container moving as alternative. This is an extremely cost-effective method and takes some of the stress off you. Container moving involves a moving company delivering a weatherproof container to your property. The container is left with you for a few days to load your personal belongings. The moving company then picks up the container and delivers it to your new location where you again have a few days to unload your items before they retrieve the container.

Container moving may put the burden of packing and loading items on you; however enlisting the help of family and friends can make the task easier and more cost effective. Cheap long distance moving can be obtained in many ways. If a professional moving crew is out of the budget, consider then plan ahead and use the many ways to save on moving money on moving costs.

Long distance moving is never an easy task, count on Acclaimed Movers and Storage to move you and your items safe and sound in no time. Call us today to get a free quote and see how we differ from other moving companies.

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