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moving truckFinding the perfect moving company that offers their own moving truck is the most important part of moving. When you find that right company, their services should start from the moment you begin to plan your move. That means before you choose your company, you’ll need to have a maximum budget and a list of services you know you need in order to choose the company that can provide them.

Keeping your belongings safe is about finding a company that provides the right materials and equipment that meet all safety standards. You want movers who are trained in-house in the art of packing and wrapping, and well-maintained tools and trucks to ensure the utmost care and protection. That means finding a company that provides, durable, sturdy materials and boasts a great reputation in customer satisfaction.

Moving Truck | The Right Company

The best way to move house is to do a lot of extensive planning. After all, great moving comes from great planning, and so you’ll want a company that provides a team of customer representatives and/or professional moving consultants to help advise and guide you in your planning process.

At Acclaimed Movers and Storage, we offer top quality moving experiences to every customer, no matter the size, type, or distance of the move. After the assistance of our customer representatives and professional moving consultants, who will help plan every aspect of your unique move, our movers finish the job with our fleet of eco-friendly trucks that provide the greatest amount of space for your belongings.

  • Acclaimed moving trucks run on bio-diesel fuel, which provides for a “green” moving experience and helps keep our carbon footprint low.
  • Each Acclaimed moving truck is equipped with a GPS unit for to-the-minute updates on your move, be it small or large, local or long distance, commercial or residential.
  • Acclaimed trucks proudly bear our company name, which is a company that boasts a great reputation not only with our loyal customer base but also an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Acclaimed also provides long distance car transport options for every type of vehicle, including luxury and classic cars, with both open and closed trailer options.
  • Because our movers are locally-based, they’re experienced in navigating our moving trucks through Southern California’s common narrow and winding roads, heavy traffic congestion, and historic districts.
  • Our movers are trained in-house to pack and wrap every item with care in our sturdy, durable boxes and with our acid-free and bleach-free packing materials. They’re provided with state of the art, top of the line equipment to enhance the safety and quality of every move. They also take the time and care to cover every wall, corner, floor, and staircase passed during the loading and unloading process to ensure that no dings, marks, or scratches are left behind.

Moving Truck | Choosing Acclaimed

For nearly a decade, Acclaimed Movers and Storage has been providing luxury, full-service moving to our customers, be the move small or large, local or long distance, commercial or residential. We are registered as a licensed and insured moving company with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and we hold all the permits necessary to perform every aspect of any type of move. Choosing Acclaimed means you’ll be receiving top quality service from a reputable, trustworthy moving company with a staff of well-trained, knowledgeable employees who care as much about your move as you do. Using our trucks means that you’ll also be saving on gas that a truck that isn’t eco-friendly might use when moving your belongings from your home or office.

At Acclaimed, we know there are rogue companies out there who try to take advantage of customers with the promise of a low price, only to raise it later when the customer has no way out with surprise add-ons and last minute fees. Because of this, Acclaimed Movers and Storage offers a free, no-obligation quote that is a “Not to Exceed” comprehensive moving price and can be broken down by any member of our well-trained, knowledgeable staff of customer representatives and professional moving consultants. We strive to create a bond of trust with every one of our customers, no matter how great or small the move may be, so they can rest assured they’ll be well taken care of when they choose Acclaimed to handle their move. Call Acclaimed Movers and Storage today and find out why we’re considered one of the best moving companies in the business.

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