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Office MoverYour office means a lot to you, so should your office mover. You started it from scratch with your own money and now it’s all yours. However, with today’s economy many offices must relocate to keep the business going. If this is happening to you, then finding office mover companies is quite difficult. As the saying goes, it’s hard to trust those who you do not really know. In cases like this, what is there for you to do so that you know you can trust the office movers that are going to be helping you throughout this moving process? Since this is a question many cannot answer, this blog will help you determine how you should go about hiring an office mover.

Office Mover | Can Your Office Mover Be Trusted?

As you research moving companies and set up one on one appointments with representatives at various moving companies, always remember to ask about the qualifications of their office movers. Though it might not seem important, you want to make sure that they can be trusted with moving your heavy furniture and electrical equipment. After all you do not want anything to go wrong during the move. Therefore, here are a few things questions to ask as you speak with each representative to ensure that the office movers hired are reliable.

  • Is each office mover professionally licensed and insured?
  • Does your company train each office mover before being sent out on the first move?
  • Does each office mover know the ways around the city? In cases where there’s traffic would he know other routes to take?
  • Can your office mover be trusted with driving from point A to point B? Does the moving company check each mover beforehand for past car accidents/DUI’s?
  • Can your office mover plan a well-organized move for my business? One that is done quickly and effectively?

Once these questions are all answered with a ‘yes,’ then rest assure that the office mover the moving company has hired can be trusted with your move.

Office Mover | Put Your Trust in Acclaimed

At Acclaimed Movers & Storage, they take their moving services very seriously. For that reason each office mover is hired base on having a clear driving record, being licensed, insured, and dedicated to helping your office move be a quick and smooth transition. They understand that moving, whether it be a house move or an office move is never an easy task, therefore they hire only those who have the potential of getting the job done successfully. In order to achieve this Acclaimed places each and every office mover into a training program to ensure they know the demands of accomplishing an office move. This includes understanding how to break down and then wrap large furniture items, having an understanding of each moving tool needed to load and unload your belongings from their bio-diesel trucks, and lastly how to properly fill up a box so that your items get to its new location in the same condition they left in. Because moving is an important event for you, Acclaimed Movers understand that and only hire those who are the most skilled and experienced. So next time you need to hire a moving company that has trusted office movers don’t hesitate to contact Acclaimed Movers & Storage.

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