Office Movers in Los Angeles

Office movers in Los AngelesOffice movers are commercial movers who specialize in helping businesses transition from one office to another. They have distinct skills and tools, which allow them to correctly handle all office furniture, be it custom or standard. They also have trucks large enough to accommodate the type of furniture found in offices. Office movers in Los Angeles have an additional knowledge of the city, which allows them to circumvent high traffic areas, and navigate the city efficiently. Every move in Los Angeles requires the assistance of movers, because of the vastness and eclectic nature of the city, and that’s doubly true for offices. Office movers will make sure that your transition is streamlined, and that your company faces as little lost business as possible. This blog will breakdown the more finite details of office movers in Los Angeles, so that you end up choosing reputable movers who make the entire process effortless and enjoyable.

Office Movers in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, office movers have the difficult task of dealing with custom buildings, custom furniture, and items of great value. They have a responsibility to protect both the building and the furniture when moving, which is why they need to be equipped with tools like lift-gates, dollies, carts, and lifts. They also need to have advanced packing materials, like industrial moving boxes and ultra-thick moving blankets. Because of the overabundance of people in the city, there’s also an overabundance of moving companies, which means you should always expect to get incredible service with a smile from your movers. You have the freedom to be choosy, because you have options, so don’t settle for a company that doesn’t provide a top quality service. Office movers in Los Angeles also need to understand how to acquire the necessary documents for moving in buildings that require additional insurance and permissions. They should be able to work with your building manager to get all of the appropriate paperwork for the move. When you’re looking at the various office movers out there, make sure that any company you’re interested in offers fully comprehensive services, and that they can handle all network servers, heavy equipment, and other special items you might have.

Services to Expect

Here is what you should expect when you hire office movers in Los Angeles:

  • Guidance from moving consultants
    Reputable office movers will assign a moving consultant to each move, to assist with the logistics and preparation process. This consultant should be able to answer all moving related questions, and simplify the entire moving process.
  • Proper packing for all items
    Great office movers in Los Angeles will be able to correctly wrap and pack any item that you have. This includes filling all space when boxing up items, so that there can be no shifting or damages. This includes the disassembly and reassembly of all items that require it, meaning desks, cubicles, tables, and more. This also includes designing special moving crates for all valuable and delicate items, to protect them to the fullest extent.
  • An inventory, box labels, and other organizational tools
    The moving company needs to create a detailed inventory of every item being moved, so that it’s easy to keep track of things once the labor is underway. It’s also important that they label all boxes, so that they put them in the appropriate places during the unloading process.
  • GPS in all trucks
    The office movers you choose need to have their own fleet of trucks, all of which should be equipped with GPS. This will allow the drivers to circumvent the nasty traffic situations that can bog down a move, and it will also prevent drivers from ever getting lost in a city that’s practically a maze.

Acclaimed Office Movers in Los Angeles

When you’re ready to begin the process of getting quotes and finding the right moving company, be sure to get a free, no-obligation quote from the office moving experts at Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed has assembled a crack-team of office movers in Los Angeles, who all have years of experience working in the industry, as well as, an unwavering commitment to helping people. Every move Acclaimed performs includes the use of top-of-the-line trucks from their massive fleet, and cutting-edge tools that make it easy to move any object. They offer a premium packing service that actually reinforces boxes because of their techniques, and includes custom crating for all flat-screen TVs, artwork, and other oblong, valuable, or fragile items. Moreover, Acclaimed even has storage solutions for long-term and short-term needs. Acclaimed is committed to making a lifelong customer out of each person they help, which has earned them an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. With their strong history, and dedicated and caring movers, Acclaimed Movers should be the first choice when looking for office movers in Los Angeles.

You’re now armed with information, which makes you an educated consumer. Your search for office movers in Los Angeles just got a bit easier, but don’t forget that it takes research and patience to find the perfect moving company. Make sure you choose an office mover that offers all of the services you need at a rate that you can afford. Good luck with your search for great office movers in Los Angeles.

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