Office Moving in Los Angeles

Office moving in Los AngelesWhen you’re business outgrows its current location, or when a stagnant market forces change, office moving becomes a reality. Moving an office is a difficult task, which requires extensive labor, man power, and equipment to ensure that the process is completed correctly. The ordeal becomes even more difficult when your office is in Los Angeles, where overcrowding and nasty traffic can wreak havoc on a move. The key to successful office moving in Los Angeles is having the assistance of local professionals, who understand all of the nuances of moving in the area. Local office movers have the tools and training to handle any furniture and equipment, and will be able to navigate around the traffic and road conditions that tend to slow down moves in the city. In addition to having local professionals, having an in-depth knowledge of office moving will expedite the entire process, which is why this blog will focus on teaching you about office moving.

Office Moving in Los Angeles

Office moving in Los Angeles requires speed and efficiency, to minimize the downtime and lost business that companies face during a transition. That’s why it’s crucial to begin preparations for the move at least two months in advance. This gives you ample time to find the perfect moving date, the right moving company, to gather supplies, to pack, and to prepare your customers and employees. Things like network servers and special equipment or machinery must be accounted for in the planning phase, as they will require special attention and equipment from the moving company. When you choose a moving date and time, try to find a part of the day when traffic will be minimal, and parking for the truck will be available near the pickup and drop off locations. Packing properly is essential for protecting your furniture and materials, and if you’re intending to handle it yourself, or with the assistance of your employees, make sure that everyone involved understands how to pack. Properly packed items cannot shift and move during the relocation, as movement often causes damage to items during a relocation. Have your employees take a course on packing, or find a full-service office moving company that will handle the packing for you. Additionally, most office moves will require large trucks and trailers, so you need to find a moving company that has the necessary trucks, tools, and training to handle the job. With the assistance of professionals, office moving in Los Angeles is easier than you think.

What You Need for an office move

Here are the essential supplies you’ll need to gather before your office move:

  • Industrial moving boxes. You will need cardboard containers of various sizes to accommodate the different items in your office. These need to be reinforced boxes, which can withstand the rigors of the move, as well as, the weight of the objects stored inside.
  • Packing paper. Commonly, newspaper is used as a packing material; however ink can leak onto items and cause permanent damage. Try unprinted newspaper, or a similar material as your padding.
  • Tape. Packing tape is an essential for any move, as it fortifies boxes, keeps things closed, and helps hold the entire move together. You will need ample amounts of tape.
  • Moving blankets. These are necessary for the protection of large items, as well as, of the building. Be ready to hang moving blankets in elevators, and to wrap all desks, tables, and chairs with moving blankets.
  • Shrink wrap. This is the second item used for the protection of large furniture. Once large pieces are wrapped in moving blankets, they should be wrapped in shrink wrap to ensure that the blankets don’t shift and leave areas exposed during the move.

Packing peanuts and tissue paper are other, optional materials that you may need to protect your belongings. All items listed above should be available directly from the moving company for a nominal fee.

Office Moving with Acclaimed Movers

The key to getting the best deal on professional office movers is to gather as many quotes from as many companies as you can. Once you have an idea of what the market is offering, and what fits your budget, you can get companies to compete for your business. You can also save yourself from the hassle of the search by getting a free, no-obligation quote from the office moving experts at Acclaimed Movers. For more than a decade, Acclaimed has handled office moving in Los Angeles with ease, providing fully comprehensive, luxury, commercial moving services. Offices, warehouses, retail facilities, restaurants, medical clinics, and more, Acclaimed has experience with it all. They have assembled a team of experienced, clean-cut, professionals, who are dedicated to making each move a wonderful experience for the customer. For office moves, Acclaimed focuses on precision and speed, so that your business is up and running in the new location as soon as possible. When it’s time to do some office moving in Los Angeles, it’s time to partner up with Acclaimed Movers.

Now that you have a better understanding of what office moving is all about, you’re prepared to begin the process. Leave yourself ample time to prepare, find the right office moving company, and you will have an effortless and enjoyable move. Good luck as your office transitions into the future.

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