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officeIn the second edition of the L.A. Moving Blog, we tackle some simple office moving tips to increase the efficiency of your next commercial relocation. Let’s face it, moving an office or business is as tough as it gets, because you need to eliminate downtime and work as quickly and efficiently as possible (words you will hear often throughout this post). This is especially true for Los Angeles, where the layout of the city, the massive population, and the incredible traffic make relocating extremely difficult. Today’s post will help you prepare for and execute an office move with ease. As usual, you can try to do it yourself, but we recommend working with office movers (for obvious reasons).

Office Moving Tips for Los Angeles

Here are the tips for office moving in Los Angeles. Use them, or don’t. It’s up to you, but they could make a profound difference as your move gets underway.

  • Planning is they key and you need to arrange for a parking space for the truck near the building to eliminate long carry fees (when the movers have to carry items further than seventy five feet from the truck to the load/unload destination), and to increase the speed with which your movers can work. The goal here is to maximize efficiency to save you money and time, and to ensure that your move is completed as quickly as possible. This is especially important in L.A., where parking is at a premium. Talk to your building manager, as well as, the city, to guarantee that your moving truck will have a spot up front.
  • Have your IT department disconnect all computers, servers (also have them removed from the racks), phones, etc. before the movers arrive so that they can quickly pack and then move the items. Professional movers will not be able to disconnect these items because it’s a liability, so you should have them disconnected by your IT specialists. Before you physically disconnect these items, take a picture of the wiring configuration, so that you can quickly reconnect them at the new place.
  • Notify customers and clients of the impending change at least one month in advance of the move so that they are prepared for the transition. Put out a newsletter or email, have a phone campaign, or use social media to alert the people who will be affected by the move. You don’t want to surprise customers, clients, or partners, with a sudden disruption of everyday business, thus advanced notice is key. This will help those people prepare for the transition as well, allowing them to anticipate any issues or hiccups on their end that might result from the downtime.
  • Have your utilities (primarily electricity, water, internet, and phone) transferred to, or turned on at, the new address before the move, so that you can make a seamless transition into your new location. This will allow you to get back on track and start setting up your servers, phone systems, computers, etc. as soon as you arrive.
  • Do not let your employees handle the packing. Wait, what? You heard correctly, do not let them take care of the packing unless they have training in how to properly wrap items and pack boxes. Proper packing is the key to keeping items in good condition throughout the transition, and it’s an art form that takes practice to perfect. It’s best to let the professionals handle all packing (added bonus, the movers can provide materials too).

Office Moving in Los Angeles with a Local Moving Company

Moving QuoteIf you’re ready for your business to make the move, then you’re ready to find a local office moving company that can handle the task. The perks of choosing a local moving company are simple; they have an in-depth knowledge of traffic patterns and roadways in addition to their knowledge of the industry. As always, you should have a handful of on-site estimates performed, so that you can get a binding moving quote price. Use the quote process to gauge how professional the Los Angeles office movers are. Are they on time for the estimate? Do they offer the service for free? Did they complete a thorough walk-through of the facility? Were they professional in their appearance and demeanor? You can tell a great deal about how a company operates through simple interactions like on-site estimates.  Once you’ve found a potential company, verify their licensing information with the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission), and then get started with transitioning your business into the future.


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