The Process of Moving from Texas to California

Moving from Texas to CaliforniaOne of the most popular residential and commercial moves in America is the transition from Texas to California. Whether you’re a Hollywood hopeful, an ocean enthusiast, or perhaps just someone seeking new opportunities, California offers a whole new world. Each year, thousands of people decide that they need to witness that new world first hand, and make the pilgrimage from the Lone Star state to the Golden state. As a result of the constant migrations, moving companies have established consistent routes between the two states, which make it easier to make the relocation. However, such long distance moves are still arduous, complicated processes, which take careful planning and preparation along with the assistance of a great moving company. This blog will help you plan and prepare if you’re looking into moving from Texas to California, by providing tips and tricks from industry experts.

Moving From Texas to California

Getting Ready

As you ready for your big move, you need to make sure that you have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s. That means that you need to have done extensive research and gathered multiple quotes, so that you’re assuredly working with a good moving company. That also means that you need to have discarded items that do not need to make the move with you, as well as, cleaned up your entire place. Don’t forget that you also have to shut off or transfer all utilities, and notify your bank/post office/ school/etc. about your impending change of address. On top of all of that, you still have to gather materials and supplies, and see that your entire home is wrapped, packed, and stacked for the move. You can help yourself by finding a full-service moving company, as they will provide assistance with planning, preparations, and packing, along with handling the labor and transportation. Additionally, to keep yourself on track, find a moving checklist on the internet, so that you can verify that you’ve completed each step. It may seem like a lot to take care of, and it is, but that’s okay as long as you give yourself enough time to do what you have to do (try to give yourself a couple of months to handle all of this stuff).

Not only do you have to prepare for the physical process of moving, but you also need to prepare for the culture shock that accompanies moving from Texas to California. Specifically, people’s accents and actions will differ greatly between the two states, as the southern drawl gives way to a more bohemian accent, and the calm, country atmosphere gives way to the chaotic California lifestyle. You will also find that things are much more condensed in California, as there is less space for development than in Texas, which has led to closer quarters. Basically, your daily interactions with people and your environment will be vastly different, and it’s a good idea to ready yourself for the impending change. Remember, you’re moving from Texas to California for a reason, and let that be your guide as you navigate the many differences.

Materials You Will Need if You Are Moving From Texas to California

Here are the supplies you will need for your move. By gathering them yourself, you will save tons of money, as moving companies often charge more than market value for materials.

  • Packing tape. This is not your average clear tape, but rather an extra strong adhesive that will keep your entire move together. Make sure you get as many rolls as possible.
  • Industrial moving boxes. You need cardboard containers of varying sizes. They also need to be completely intact, with no tears, missing pieces, or damage. Any damage can ruin the integrity of the box and leave your belongings susceptible to harm.
  • Packing paper. Commonly, newsprint is used as packing paper. You can purchase newsprint of your own, or recycle old newspapers, however old newspaper can leak ink on to your belongings, so be careful.
  • Moving blankets. These are essential for padding and protecting your large items. Get moving blankets for your couches, tables, desks, etc. and make sure that they have ample padding so that items don’t end up nicked, scratched, or dented.
  • Shrink wrap. This will keep your moving blankets from shifting during the move. You’ll need ample amounts of shrink wrap, so that you can wrap it around the outside of your moving blanket-covered items.

*Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are two other materials that you can use to help protect your items and fill space within your boxes. They are not essential to the move like the items listed above; however they may prove to be extremely useful.

Moving From Texas to California with Acclaimed Movers

Now that you know what needs to be taken care of, and what you will need as far as supplies are concerned, it’s time to find the right moving company. Get multiple quotes for the move, and be sure to get a free, no-obligation quote from Acclaimed Movers. For more than a decade, Acclaimed has developed its Texas to California long distance moving services, and now offers fully comprehensive, luxury moving services for those relocations. They provide a personalized moving experience that includes assistance with logistics and packing, in addition to labor and transportation. The company’s goal is to make a lifelong customer out of each person they help, by providing premium quality moving services at an economical rate. When you’re moving from Texas to California, Acclaimed Movers will ensure that entire process is effortless and enjoyable. Get a quote today, and they’ll get you moving.


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