Transporting A Car

Transporting a carWho would have thought there would be a need to transport a car? To move a car you simply get in and drive, right? Nowadays, migration has become a way of life. People are moving from one state to another, and in some cases to entirely different countries. So how does one get their car to follow wherever they go? Today, transporting a car doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drive it to its destination; Acclaimed Movers & Storage can do it for you. Whether you are moving to another state or another country, Acclaim can get your car there. Of course, there are other options such as driving cross-country yourself. However, you might find that you spend a small fortune on food and hotel, not to mention suffer lack of sleep and a stiff spine, once you reach your final destination.

Transporting a Car

The best way to securely transport a car is through a professional moving company that specializes in car shipping. Acclaimed Movers & Storage is such a company with the experience and tools to safely transport your vehicle anywhere within the U.S. or overseas. Acclaimed will pick up your vehicle at your specified location and drop it off in its original condition wherever you wish. We are talking first-class transportation services here! At least speaking from your car’s point of view. Vehicles transported by Acclaimed receive high quality service where they are enclosed in a cargo bin and kept safe from the hazards of travel such as road debris and scratches or dents from improper handling.

Acclaimed Movers & Storage have established themselves as experts in the field of auto transport. Their system is thorough and promises that all vehicles are delivered in its original condition. First, the vehicle is inspected for any flaws or defects; special ramps are then applied for safe loading. Vehicles are measured and weighed to ensure the ramps are sufficiently able to load the vehicle into the cargo container. Once the car is safely driven into the cargo, axel straps are applied as an extra precaution so movement during shipping is virtually impossible. Check Acclaimed’s website for a video tutorial on car transportation and watch the experts at work!

Your car will be on its way to its new location in the safety of Acclaimed’s high quality service. And they don’t stop there. Whether your vehicle runs or not, Acclaim will get it moved and safely delivered to your front door!

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