Cross Country Moving Services

Cross Country moverThe cross-country move: a phenomenal migration, which tests the endurance, patience, and perseverance of every person who attempts one, even when you have the assistance of trained professionals. When you make a cross-country move with a professional it’s critical that you understand what you get with their cross country moving services. Every moving company will differ, but the great ones will offer some standard services, which simplify the moving process. Those services will be outlined and broken down below, so that you are prepared when your big day arrives. The goal is to provide you with ample information so that you can make an educated decision when you choose a mover, allowing you to pick the very best company for your move.

Cross Country Moving Services

The best moving companies have fully comprehensive cross country moving services, meaning that they assist you through all phases of your move. For planning and preparations, they should have moving consultants who are experts in coordinating and organizing large relocations. Once they’ve helped you plan the move, they should also assist you in gathering supplies, or the moving company needs to be able to provide top quality supplies for a nominal fee. Additionally great cross country moving services include assistance with packing, which means that the moving company will box up or wrap up all of your stuff, disassemble all large furniture, and will build custom moving crates for all delicate and valuable stuff. Along with packing assistance, cross country moving services should also include transportation being conducted by the moving company’s own vehicles and movers. The best companies will also provide assistance with unpacking; making sure that the entire moving process is effortless and even enjoyable.

What to Expect from Cross Country Moving Services

  • Assistance with logistics
    Your moving company needs to help you find the perfect date, gather supplies, and select the services your move needs.
  • An inventory of what’s being moved
    You don’t want any of your items getting lost, which is why it’s imperative that the moving company create a detailed inventory of every item being moved.
  • A full pack
    This cross country moving service is what protects your belongings, and saves you time and money.  Proper packing is an art.
  • The industry’s best materials and equipment
    When you’re moving with a great professional mover, your items are protected by advanced packing materials, as well as, cutting-edge tools like piano tilters, lifts, and lift-gates.
  • In-house transportation and labor
    You don’t want to move cross-country with a broker, who will sell your job off to the highest bidder. You need a company that handles all transportation and labor with their own team.

Acclaimed Movers & Storage

It takes time and research to find the right moving company for your move; and you should always gather multiple quotes, so that you can compare and contrast the various services offered. However, if you want to save yourself from having to do hours of research, you can get a free, no-obligation quote from the cross country moving experts at Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed is the industry’s most trusted name in long distance moving, offering fully comprehensive, luxury, cross country moving services, which are designed around each customer’s individual needs. They offer all of the above mentioned services, and always complete all work with a smile. The company has become synonymous with affordability, reliability, and efficiency in the moving industry, and continues to improve and evolve with every relocation. It’s easy to see why Acclaimed Movers & Storage is the right choice when you need quality cross country moving services.

Now that you know about what to expect on your next cross country move, you can make a sage decision when you pick a moving company. All great companies will provide all-inclusive cross country moving services, which take all of the labor and logistics out of your hands. Allow yourself ample time to find the right company and prepare for your move, and you will have a great experience. Good luck with your cross country move.

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