Global Relocation

If you are planning a move abroad then you may already know just how much planning it requires. There is a careful coordination to packing your household, finding work and a place to live overseas, and getting your legal documentation in order all while shopping for the right movers. With all of the work ahead why settle for a moving company that will simply ship your cargo? Acclaimed Moving and Storage has a finely tuned method for global relocation and our customer service representatives are experts at coordinating moves on a local, long distance, and even worldwide scale.

Acclaimed Global Relocation

Global Relocation

Acclaimed’s Global Relocation Service is a carefully coordinated 3-point system of packing, shipping, and delivery that is designed to bring your household goods to your new doorstep when you are ready without leaving you waiting at the door. Our craft moving teams are experienced artisan movers who can carefully pack your valuables with the highest quality protective wrap and custom made shipping crates, all up to code with international shipping standards.

Global Relocation Team

Our team will assist you in getting your household safely packed into a cargo freight and shipped abroad by either sea or plane, two options available to better suit your time frame and price range. Acclaimed will have a team ready to receive your cargo from customs and deliver it to your door, and there are also storage options for those with more long-term plans. The staff at Acclaimed Global Relocation will take every measure to ensure the most timely, cost-effective, and most importantly the safest trip for your cargo during your international move.

Planning a Global Relocation Move

Planning a global relocation requires careful research and months of preparations. A crucial step in the early stages of planning is to get your federal and international documentation in order. This includes filing a Departure Permit with the IRS, acquiring a passport, and gaining a visa to enter your destination country. Additionally, there can be more paperwork and even months of waiting if you are bringing a pet or plant into the country.

Global Relocation

Global Relocation Movers

The customer service representatives at Acclaimed can offer you guidance and support on getting your documentation in order. Our experts know where to look and what direction you need to go to acquire foreign visas from international consulates and embassies. Our customer service representatives are trained and versed in the process taken for international moving and are happy to offer their expertise.

The project coordinators at Acclaimed Global Relocation go over every detail to each project we undertake to ensure that you are being provided with the very best service. Our coordinators carefully review your quote and will discuss with you every detail and need you have going in to the move, and will use this strategy to ensure that on moving day your team arrives fully equipped, trained, and ready to satisfy your every need.

Global Relocation International Moving

The extra measures taken by our staff reflects a personal care that is available only at Acclaimed Moving and Storage. This commitment to quality continues to raise the bar in global relocation services and is the very core of Acclaimed International Movers.

If you are planning your international move, be sure to find the right moving company. Pick a company that understands the arduous process you are undertaking. A company that goes the extra mile to make your global relocation an easier and even enjoyable experience. Pick Acclaimed Moving and Storage.

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