How to Avoid Bad Office Movers

office moversChoosing the wrong office movers can result in a big and costly mistake for your business. There are many things to be considered when relocating your business. Selecting the right office movers is one of them. Here are some simple tips to identify the red flags and help you avoid picking the wrong office movers:

  • Ask for referrals
    Nothing is better than a personal testimony. Check with local businesses for office movers they have used.
  • Don’t be pressured to commit too soon
    Tactics like advising they are booking up quickly is usually just that – a tactic. You should be planning an office move well in advance so don’t allow companies to pressure you into a commitment before you are ready.
  • Avoid online booking
    Many online moving websites are brokers who just hire local movers to do the work. If you’re not dealing with the end-user there is more cause for miscommunication and possible additional fees. Avoid any surprises and be sure you are dealing directly with the actual moving company prior to booking. A visit to their place of business is an easy way to confirm.
  • Avoid a company that quotes prices before asking important questions
    General quotes are useful but not always accurate. Nothing beats an on-site inspection. A professional office mover will usually send a consultant to do walk the grounds before providing a written estimate. A well-trained consultant will know to look to out for certain things like weight restrictions and available moving clearances. These are important details that will definitely factor into your quote and the necessary preparation needed to manage the move.
  • Avoid movers who limit your flexibility
    A business relocation is best done during non-working hours. If a mover is unwilling to accommodate your requested moving time, take it as a sign that they will most likely be reluctant to accommodate you in other areas.
  • Get at least 3 estimates
    In order to have an idea of the going rates you will need something to compare them to. We suggest obtaining at least 3 quotes. Be cautious of the quote that stands out for being either extremely low or extremely high.
  • Get it in writing
    A written contract protects you, your business, and guarantees your satisfaction. If the office movers don’t do what they state in writing you have a legal binding document to fall back on.

If you are looking to get a free quote from a professional and experienced commercial moving company, give Acclaimed Movers & Storage a call (888)668-3703 and one of our representatives would be more than happy to give you a detailed quote on your move.

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