Licensed Long Distance Moving Companies

Long Distance Moving companies

Whenever you’re making a long distance, residential or commercial move, especially in Los Angeles, you’ll need the assistance of a professional moving company. Long distance moving companies understand how to simplify the relocation process, taking care of the labor and logistics so that you can focus on getting acclimated to the changes. However, in a city like Los Angeles, there’s an overabundance of moving companies, and subsequently there are licensed and unlicensed companies operating. It’s important to work with licensed long distance moving companies, because they operate within the boundaries of the law, and are regulated by organizations that patrol the moving industry. Unlicensed movers will operate outside the law, and will try to take advantage of customers with little industry knowledge. To make sure that you end up working with licensed long distance moving companies, and not the alternative, you need to utilize the information provided in this blog. This blog will show you how to differentiate the licensed companies from the unlicensed ones, so that you can make an educated decision and have an enjoyable moving experience.

Finding Licensed Long Distance Moving Companies

One of the first places you should look for licensing and insurance information is on a moving company’s website. Proud and transparent, licensed long distance moving companies will clearly display their licensing and insurance information throughout the company website. You should find it alongside any contact information and a physical address, and if they do not provide any of this information you should begin looking at other companies. Once you’ve located their licensing and insurance information, you can verify it with two organizations, the Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, which is a division of the Department of Transportation. The Public Utilities Commission regulates the local moving industry, and will have detailed records for licensed long distance moving companies that are based out of California. The FMCSA on the other hand, regulates the long distance and interstate moving industry, and they will have detailed records on the history of licensed long distance moving companies across the United States. You should always consult with both organizations when you’re researching available moving companies. In addition to finding licensing and insurance information on a company’s website, you should also be able to find that information on the company’s trucks. A proud, reputable company will gladly display their licensing, contact, and logo information on all of their trucks. If a company you’re interested in does not provide any of that information on their trucks, or their website, then they are probably not one of the many licensed long distance moving companies.

The Benefits of Using Licensed Long Distance Moving Companies

During your search for a moving company, you may find that the unlicensed companies offer cheaper rates, and have greater availability. But, there is a reason you shouldn’t move with these companies, most unlicensed movers are actually rogue moving companies. These companies operate outside of the law, abuse customers, and then change their name once their reputation for failure outgrows their advertising abilities. If your stuff gets damaged while moving with an unlicensed and uninsured company, you are not protected or covered. If they choose to hold onto your stuff until you pay more than the estimated price, there is little you can do to fight back, especially if you’ve signed any paperwork. Licensed long distance moving companies provide the peace of mind of knowing that they operate within the law, and any discrepancies or problems with their service can be reported to the abovementioned organizations. If they damage your items, you’re covered by their insurance. If they try to charge you an unlawful price, you’re covered by the regulating agencies. It’s always the right decision to go with the licensed long distance moving companies, because they will take care of you in a way that unlicensed companies will not.

Quick steps for Finding Licensed Long Distance Moving Companies

Here are three quick steps for finding your nearest licensed long distance moving companies:

  • Online research. Use common internet search engines to draw up multiple company websites, and then peruse through the sites to find licensing and contact information. If it’s not easy to find, it’s time to move on to the next company.
  • Verify a company’s standing with the PUC/FMCSA. Always check with the regulating bodies before signing any kind of contracts, to ensure that you are working with a fully licensed, fully insured, moving company that has a reputation for success.
  • Follow up all research with in-person visits. Once you find out whether a company is licensed or not, it’s important to follow up and see their operation in-person. This will give you a chance to verify that they can provide everything that they offer in their advertising.

Licensed Long Distance Moving Companies like Acclaimed Movers

Once you’ve found a few companies, and have verified their information, it’s time to gather multiple moving quotes. Get as many quotes as possible, so that you accurately assess what the industry is offering in terms of services and prices. Also, by getting multiple quotes you can start a bidding war for services, which will allow you to get the best rate for the services your move requires. You should also get a free, no-obligation from the fully licensed, fully insured experts at Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed has over ten years of experience handling long distance moves, and helps homes and businesses transition across town, across the country, and even across the world with ease. They offer fully comprehensive, luxury moving services, which include assistance with logistics, as well as, with labor. Acclaimed makes moving an effortless and enjoyable experience, no matter where you’re going, nor what you’re bringing with you. Acclaimed Movers is also an “A” rated company with the Better Business Bureau, and is in good standing with the PUC, FMCSA, and AMSA. Get a quote today and they’ll get you moving.

You’re now armed with valuable information about licensed long distance moving companies. Use it to your advantage, and make sure that you choose a great company for your move. To ensure that you don’t have to make a hasty decision, give yourself ample time to plan and prepare. Good luck with your search for licensed long distance moving companies, and may your move be a smooth one.

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