Moving Across Country

According to the United States Census Bureau, over 10% of the people that moved in recent years ended up in a different state, which means that the number of people moving across the country was even smaller. For such a big move, it’s no wonder that the amount of people doing it is relatively small.moving across country

What drives a person to move across country? Often it can be work, better housing, better general economic conditions, family related reasons, or any combination of those together. Either way, the reasons are mighty compelling if it causes you to make a move of that nature. Moving across the country can mean changing schools, changing jobs, changing just about everything, so if you’re thinking about it, make sure you’re ready for that change. Here are some things to think about if you’re moving across country:

Tips for Moving Across Country

Make sure to create a detailed inventory of every item you would like to move, that way you can keep the move organized and on-track. Decide at least a month in advance about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of, so you can decide if/where to donate those items that you no longer want or need. Gather supplies at least a month in advance, below you’ll find a list of supplies that are necessary for any move. If you’re packing your own boxes, take the time to learn how to pack, that way your items will be safe throughout the transition.Tips Moving Across Country

If you have a piano, pool table, custom furniture, antiques, etc., be sure to hire a moving company that has individuals who are trained in how to move such items. Remember to change all address information, notify schools/work/banks of the move, and to have your utilities shut off. Plan your grocery shopping so that your fridge is empty, or as close to it as possible, come moving day. These are all little things that can make a big difference when you’re moving across country. The last tip is to give yourself ample time to prepare for you move that way you can take care of all of the little things.

Packing Supplies for Moving Across Country

  • Permanent Markers, for labelling boxes.
  • Cardboard Boxes, fully intact with all flaps, and multiple sizes to accommodate the varying types of items.
  • Packaging Tape, make sure to use ample amounts on seams so that your boxes stay closed.
  • Packing Paper, though newspaper can work, it can also leak ink onto your belongings.
  • Moving Blankets, these will protect the exterior and corners of your belongings.
  • Bubble wrap/ Packing Peanuts are both optional, and used for additional padding in conjunction with packing paper.

Choosing a Company for Moving across Country

Whether you’re moving across town, or moving across country, hiring the right moving company is a difficult process. It requires ample research, and a certain amount of digging to uncover the true nature of a company. When choosing your mover, be sure to go beyond simple search engine results, and try to arrange face-to-face meetings where you can examine the company and its employees first-hand.

User-driven reviews like Yelp should be taken with a grain of salt, as there are reputation management firms nowadays, whose whole job is to create user-driven reviews to boost ratings. You can also consult the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, FMCSA, which regulates long distance moving companies in the United States. They will have insurance information, as well as, any history of mishaps or issues on their website, which will help you make an educated decision.Moving Quote

Additionally, if at all possible, get an on-site estimate, which will provide you with the most accurate quote for your move, while also giving you a chance to evaluate the company’s estimator. Start your search at least two months in advance, as hiring the right moving company will only occur if you do ample research and take the time to make a good decision. Furthermore, be sure to check out Acclaimed Movers and Storage, as they are experts on moving across country, and can help make your move an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re moving across town or moving across country, hiring the right moving company is a difficult process. It requires ample research and a certain amount of digging to uncover the true nature of a company.

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