Moving to Another State

Moving to Another State

Moving to Another state comes with many obstacles and challenges.Acclaimed Moving and Storage makes every effort to ensure that our customers are properly informed, equipped, and ready for undertaking their move. Our expert consultants are available to offer detailed price quotes as well as insight on any stage of the moving process be it local, long distance, or even to another country. Years of experience and committed effort put forth by our staff has shaped Acclaimed into the distinguished provider of moving and storage solutions it is today. Here are a few helpful tips provided by our senior staff on a plan on moving to another state.

8 Weeks Before Moving to Another State

  • Start your plans off by getting organized. Have a thorough house cleaning day where you gather up everything you are willing to donate or throw away. Lightening the load is a good way to save money when moving to another state.
  • Make an inventory of everything you are moving to another state. Determine what you will pack yourself and what you want to have your professional movers handle. Acclaimed Moving and Storage offers full-service moving and can assist with securely packing your household furniture, appliances, and other high value furnishings.
  • Gather enough materials to begin packing. Consider using uniform sized boxes for a more efficient usage of space.
  • This is a safe time to start shopping around for moving companies and comparing price moving quotes. Acclaimed offers free quotes online and over the phone and can make arrangements for a visit from an in-house relocation consultant to help better make plans.
  • If you have the time, try to plan a trip to visit your destination city. Visit several neighborhoods to get a better idea of the right neighborhood for you.
  • If you have kids start researching schools in the area. Try to visit a few schools if you get an opportunity to visit the city ahead of time.

6 Weeks

  • This is a good point to have your moving company booked, as well as your interstate travel arrangements.
  • Determine the cheaper transportation method for you as you are moving to another state. Flying can be more time efficient, albeit more cost effective. Should you choose to fly, Acclaimed Moving and Storage does offer auto transport solutions.
  • You should have the packing process started. Giving yourself plenty of time to pack more slowly makes packing a low-impact task.
  • Prioritize packing your rooms by their necessity. Leave high traffic rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms last to be packed.
  • As you pack your boxes, label them by content and by their destination room. This will be helpful in expediting the unloading of your truck as well as accounting for everything being moved as you go through and unpack later.

4 Weeks

  • Contact your utility services and let them know you are moving to another state. You may need to pay a fee or sign some paperwork to close your account with that particular provider.
  • Look into your bank, insurance, and phone providers to make sure your services won’t be affected by state laws as you move.
  • Submit a change of address form with all of the above, as well as any other private and federal businesses you may frequent.
  • Meet with your doctor, kids’ doctor, and veterinarian if relevant to discuss your options in your new state. Moving pets across state lines may require some inspection or certification.
  • Plants moving to another state require gypsy moth permits and may be subject to additional laws and restrictions based on the breed. Consult with the USDA for specifications that may apply to your move.

2 Weeks

  • At this point you should have your arrangements set. Your movers, means of transportation, and any other specifics to your moving day should be booked.
  • If there are any changes to your plans notify your movers ahead to time to avoid potential price hikes.
  • Avoid purchasing new groceries at this point.
  • Arrange for utility services to be activated at your new home. When moving to another state, having the utilities at your new home turned on a day before you move in makes the whole ordeal much easier.

1 Week

  • Go through your place a few days before the moving day and do another cleanup. Double check every drawer, closet, and other storage space for anything you may have missed.
  • If your bank does not provide service in your destination city then this is a good time to open an account with a new bank that does. Don’t close out your old account until the new one is established and you’re sure you are satisfied with their service.
  • Back up any computer files you have.
  • Dispose of any dangerous, flammable, corrosive, or explosive goods. They are all illegal to pack and move. is a helpful online directory of disposal sites for hazardous or recyclable goods.

Moving Day

  • Have a nice meal planned for the morning.
  • Be ready to greet your movers on the time you’ve scheduled and available to offer guidance during the packing process.
  • As your items are loaded into the truck check them off on your inventory list. This is especially helpful for keeping track of everything you have when moving to another state.
  • After your truck as been loaded, do a walk through with the property manager. If you are up for a deposit return then this may be your only chance to claim it.

Moving companies see more customers moving to another state in the summer time than any other season. Kids are usually off school and the weather is more optimal for a move, especially when moving to or from states with extreme conditions in the winter. However you can sometimes get a price deal if your trip is planned in the off seasons. There are pros and cons to each. As you make your plans, winter or summer, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case complications occur on moving day. This is especially true with interstate moving. If you or your moving service can’t reach the destination due to extreme circumstances it’s a good idea to know your alternative options. With these tips, and the help of Acclaimed Moving and Storage, you and your family can be ready, informed, and properly equipped for moving to another state. Call Acclaimed today (888) 668-3703 for a free price quote, consultation, or to arrange for an in-house visit from one of our relocation experts.

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