Moving with kids

Moving from one household to another presents a different set of concerns for children of varying ages. Teenagers often have the most difficulty accepting the change as they are nearing their own independence. Infants and toddlers are not yet aware of the world around them and depend on their parents’ decision making.

As long as a comfortable and easy transition is planned children that young will go along with moves relatively without opposition. Kids between these two age groups have their own unique set of concerns and apprehensions when it comes to moving and careful consideration to this fact can be taken to make the move a positive experience in the child’s life.

Understanding Kids

Kids in this age group are developing their understanding of the world around them by the very fundamentals. Every change can affect their understanding of social interactions and new environments they encounter as well as the way they are handled. Kids need time to deal with major life changes so consider the conversation that needs to take place well in advance to the beginning of the move.

Moving with kids

Moving with kids is one major life change, along with other stressful events, particularly traumatic situations like a death in the family. When you initiate the conversation about moving maintain a positive attitude to lead an example. Understand that resistance to change is usually rooted in fear. Do what you can to sympathize with your child’s concerns and express the positive effect the change will have in each of your lives as well as your lives together as a family. Reflect on the change as a growing and bonding experience.

Moving with Kids: Solutions

If possible take your child to visit the new home. Bring toys with you and maybe leave one at the new home to establish familiarity. Moving with Kids Find activities to get your family involved in that are specific to the area. Explore parks and maybe find a favorite family restaurant nearby. If the location isn’t available to visit until after the move research the area and share all the most exciting aspects with your kid. When moving with kids, get them interested and share information; it will help with adapting to the change.

Packing with Kids

Packing your home is a great opportunity for your child to get involved when moving with kids. Teach your kid how to pack and offer to let them pack their own belongings. This is a chance to teach responsibility and even instill a little independence. Before you start the packing process it’s a good idea to throw away as much waste possible to discern the difference between throwing out trash and packing for a move. Put off packing their room as one of the last rooms in the house; when you’re in your new home unpack their room together before any other. Arranging it in a familiar way can help a child adapt to the change.

Planning the Move

Carefully planning the move is important to avoid any potential stress/traumas caused by anxiety. Hiring a moving company is a helpful measure to make the move an easier transition when moving with kids. A good moving team like Acclaimed Movers is mindful of the child’s safety and makes every effort to help in keeping the child’s spirit up. Making the trip to your new home leisurely and fun relieves uneasiness. Bring snacks and depending on the distance consider taking breaks that include fun activities for kids. If this is incorporated in your plans Acclaimed Movers are happy to cater to your schedule.

Moving with Kids

With careful planning mindful to your child’s safety and wellbeing a move can be not only an enjoyable experience but an opportunity to write a cherished memory in their childhood. Employing full service movers expedites the most stressful part of the process and frees you up to focus your attention on your child. Acclaimed Movers can unpack and assemble your furniture to make entering the new home more familiar and safe for your kid. With the right plan, moving with kids can smoothly open up a new chapter of your family’s life together.

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