Office Moving Checklist

This office moving checklist is designed to streamline your approach to planning a move. Key points including team management, expediting the packing process and what to look for with professional movers are all covered in this detailed plan. However every business is different and as such every business will have different needs when relocating. This guide carefully outlines an office move without getting bogged down in irrelevant details to better assist with your planning process, instead of creating more questions than answers.

Initial Preparations

Tip: Depending on the size of the move you may want to get plans in motion anywhere between 3-8 months in advance.

Office Moving Checklist

  • Determine the company’s budget for the move
  • Assemble a moving committee (managers, volunteers, whoever is qualified to help oversee employees and implement deadlines)
  • Ask each committee member to compile a list of everything that needs to be packed in their department.
    • When they are finished use these lists to compile an office moving checklist to prepare and plan a set to deadlines.Tip: A plan of action should outline the packing process in detail, with deadlines. A deadline example could be “have all filed paperwork fully packed, boxes ready 10 days before move and filing cabinets prepared and ready for professional movers 5 days before, etc.” Your plan of action is to be executed by the entire office to get everything packed in a timely manner.When writing out your plan of action (office moving checklist) prioritize the order of operations based on necessity. Try and have one room completely packed first and use it to store packed boxes.
    • Use these lists to estimate the amount of moving supplies needed (boxes, tape, labels, etc.)
  • Acquire the floor plans for your old and new offices
    • Work with your committee and/or supervisor to plan the layout for the new office.

      Tip: Pay attention to outlets, storage space, and other such factors.

  • Contact building and utility services and make arrangements for service to be transferred or set up at your new property if needed.
    • Power
    • Phones
    • Internet
    • Gas
    • Trash
    • Other services specific to your business, if any. This can include anything from security to networking to janitorial services.
  • If there are any renovations to be done to the new property book these as soon as possible.

Setting Plans in Motion

Office Moving Checklist

  • Make notice to affected parties your company’s intent to move.
  • Yellow Pages Listing
  • Post Office
  • Advertising
  • Art Department (stationary, business cards, signs, etc.)
  • City and business registrations
  • Other affected services (if any)
  • Work with your committee to announce the move to the staff and get the plan of action initiated.
    • Schedule regular meetings to follow up with progress and offer guidance
  • Purchase and distribute moving supplies
    • Boxes
    • Tape
    • Bubble wrap/protective packing
    • Labels and markers
    • Other supplies (box cutters, screwdrivers, etc) (if any)
  • Compile an inventory list. Organize by room and boxes within the rooms. Make note of every piece of furniture, artwork, and miscellaneous items also to be moved.
  • Book a professional moving company to help you complete your office moving checklist


Hiring a Professional Office Moving Company

  • Acquire quotes from at least 3 office moving companiesTips: Office Moving companies will need your inventory of boxes/furniture/misc. to generate a quote. A good moving company will have a consultant visit your current location to better plan the move and generate a quote.

Office Moving Checklist

  • Research each company
    • Do they offer the services you need?
    • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has profiles available to the public of moving companies that operate on an interstate level. Acquire the company’s USDOT (online or over the phone) and check their standings at
    • Moving companies not registered with the FMCSA may hold a rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check their rating at
    • Read online reviews and compare alongside FMCSA and BBB ratingsTip: Fraudulent moving companies sometimes write positive reviews for themselves on websites like Use your better judgment and take FMCSA and BBB ratings into consideration.
  • When you have compared quotes and company reputations, select the best choice and book your moving date ASAP.


Preparations for Moving Day

By moving day:

  • Floor plans are labeled and readyTip: Name the rooms and label everything being moved with its destination room. If this measure is taken movers can unload items directly from the truck to the appropriate rooms.
  • Everything is packed into clearly labeled boxes
  • Furniture is labeled and accessible to movers
  • All trash is disposed ofTip: Look into waste management services if necessary
  • Utility services have been taken care of
  • Keys have been acquired
  • Parking for moving trucks at both locations has been arranged

Office Moving Checklist

Tip: Try to complete your office moving checklist on a day your business is closed. If this is not possible try to plan for a slow business day. Give as many employees the day off as possible, keeping your committee present to assist you and the movers.


Moving Day

  • Meet movers and committee at your old office
  • Provide copies of floor plans to everyone
  • Distribute copies of keys to your committee
  • Supervise movers
    • Make sure all pathways are clear and safe
    • Use committee members to hold doors, man elevators, and perform any other necessary duties
  • Clean up your old office as you go


As you unpack, follow your office moving checklsit to account for everything. Try to begin unpacking before your full staff comes to work in the office for the first time to make the environment more welcoming. Consider having a celebratory breakfast to start things off in high spirits.

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