Piano Movers in Los Angeles

Piano Movers in Los AngelesIn the midst of the most populated state in the nation, Los Angeles’ vast population is only topped by the incredible affluence and charm of its many, ritzy neighborhoods. The city is home to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, and the Pacific Palisades to name a few, all of which sport sprawling estates, custom architecture, and even historic homes. A common theme for those homes is beautiful interior design, often featuring pianos as a focal point for entertainment rooms. When it’s time to move, those pianos must go through a fairly complicated process so that they retain their beauty and remain in pristine condition. If you’re preparing to move, and your vertical or horizontal piano is coming with you, here are some tips to help you find the right piano movers in Los Angeles, so your instrument remains as beautiful as ever.

What Piano Movers in Los Angeles Do

Piano movers are specially trained in how to properly handle and move vertical and horizontal pianos. Because of the weight, pianos must be moved with extreme caution, and some disassembly is required. Piano movers will remove the legs, while placing the piano on a padded crate for protection. They will also wrap the instrument in moving blankets and shrink wrap so that it is completely protected from little bumps and bruises. It’s important that the piano is moved on a cart, which will be provided by the movers. Additionally, quality piano movers in Los Angeles will know how to work around obstacles presented by the city itself. Issues such as traffic congestion, lack of parking, limited space for a moving truck, and tricky architecture can all wreak havoc on a move. You’ll need local professional movers in Los Angeles who understands how to handle all of the issues with ease. If you’re looking to hire professional piano movers in Los Angeles, and they cannot or do not perform any of the steps listed above, it’s time to call someone else.

There Are Many Piano Movers in Los Angeles

Because of the abundance of pianos in Los Angeles, there’s also an abundance of piano movers; however, only some of those companies are truly great. When you’re wading through your many options, make sure the company you plan to go with passes the internet, phone, and eye tests. The internet test includes a careful analysis of the company’s website, along with a brief glance at the type of peer-reviews they’ve received. The company’s site needs to be informative and clear, not necessarily shiny and exciting, while the peer reviews should be taken with a grain of salt and only used to get an idea about a company’s reputation. Once they’ve passed the internet test, it’s time to put them through the phone test. Call on separate occasions and ask some simple moving related questions. If the company doesn’t have readily available answers, or is not happy to help, then they have failed the phone test. You want piano movers that can answer your questions, and that care about your move. If you find a company that passes the phone test, it’s time to visit them in-person, to truly gauge how skilled they are. Check for professionally dressed employees, company owned trucks, and generally clean facilities. If they pass the eye test, along with the other tests, then get a quote and begin seriously considering that company.

Services Provided by Piano Movers in Los Angeles

  • Crating using a piano pad that fits the specific size and shape of your vertical or horizontal piano.
  • Handling of all types of pianos, including standing, grand, and baby grand.
  • Careful disassembly of legs and any other pieces that must be removed, with tools provided by the movers.
  • Use of moving blankets and shrink wrap, for the ultimate protection of your instrument.
  • Storage, if necessary, in a climate-controlled, secure, storage facility.

The Best Piano Movers in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for luxury moving services at affordable rates, and movers who will use care and concern when handling your piano, look no further than Acclaimed Movers and Storage. They have the best Los Angeles movers, and use only the highest quality materials so that your instrument gets the best protection possible. They are a full-service residential and commercial moving company, meaning they can also help you move anything else that needs to accompany your piano. Check out their website or give them a call today, and they’ll get you moving.

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