State to State Car Movers

state to state car moversWhen you’re looking to move your home, the first thing you’ll do is look into professional moving services, so that you don’t have to handle all of the labor and logistics yourself. Once that process has started, you’ll notice that there are various types of moving companies, which offer a variety of services. Residential movers can help you with your household goods, but if you’re moving a vehicle as well, you will need the specific services of car movers. Additionally, if your move is a long distance relocation, you will need state to state car movers, who are equipped to cover the additional distance. These car movers have the trucks, laborers, and equipment to ensure that your vehicle travels safely, no matter the distance and destination. Car moving is a relatively unknown industry though, and that’s why this blog will breakdown what you can expect from car movers, and how to find a great company.

State to State Car Movers

There are a variety of methods for shipping a vehicle, and great state to state car movers will give you options as to how your vehicle is shipped. From open-air transport, which includes single car trailers and multi-car trailers (which can hold up to a dozen vehicles) to closed-crate transport, which utilizes shipping containers, with great state to state car movers you have a choice in what method is used. Open-air transport is the most common method, and it allows you the convenience of paying less for the service. However, because your vehicle will likely travel with other vehicles, it will make several stops along the way and the process could take longer. Vehicles are also exposed to rock chips, weather damage, and other elements that come with the outdoors. Closed-crate transport usually handles only one vehicle at a time, meaning that your car will travel directly to the destination. Also, because the vehicle is stored in an enclosed container, it gets maximum protection from damage and outside elements. The downside to closed-crate transportation is that it is a bit more expensive than its more common counterpart. No matter what method you eventually choose, it’s important to work with state to state car movers who give you options.

Transportation Methods

Here’s a brief breakdown of the various transportation methods:

  • Closed-crate Transportation
    Your vehicle is shipped in an enclosed shipping container, which can be equated to a traveling garage. This is the safest form of vehicle transportation. This is also the most expensive form of car transportation, as it offers more protection and personalization than open-air transport.
  • Open-air transportation
    Your vehicle is shipped on an open-air car hauling trailer, the size of which varies depending on the company. This is the best value in vehicle shipping, as a result of your vehicle travelling with other vehicles. This also leaves your vehicle exposed to outside elements, like weather wear, rock chips, and bird bombings.
  • A double-decker open-air trailer
    stacks cars on two different levels, allowing the company to hold up to a dozen vehicles.
  • A single-level open-air trailer
    can hold between one and a dozen cars, depending on the size of the trailer.

Acclaimed Car Movers

When you’re ready to make your state to state move, and you need to bring your car with you, be sure to get a free, no-obligation quote from Acclaimed Car Movers. Acclaimed has state to state car movers who specialize in making those long transition easy. They offer both closed-crate and open-air transportation, which allows you to choose what option best fits your move and your budget. They move all types of vehicles, including classic cars, recreational vehicles, and daily drivers. All of their relocation specialists use extreme care and precision when handling your vehicle, and Acclaimed always completes a meticulous inspection before every move. Additionally, they can also assist with moving all of your household or office goods, as they have a team of highly skilled commercial and residential movers. You need state to state car movers you can trust, and Acclaimed has been helping people make long distance transitions for over a decade. When it’s time to make a move, it’s time to call Acclaimed Movers.

Now that you know more about state to state car movers, you’re ready to find the perfect company for your move. Allow yourself time to research the available companies, and always trust your gut when you make a decision.

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