The Best Moving Companies for Long Distance

Long distance moversAnyone who has ever made a move before understands that it can be a stressful and difficult process. There’s a great deal of stuff that must be taken care of, and without the proper tools the labor alone can be back-breaking. When making a long distance move, the difficulty is only increased, as you are covering more than one hundred miles. The key to success during these relocations is to find the best moving companies for long distance. This blog will help you determine which companies are the best, as well as, provide some tips on how to make a final decision on who to choose.

Determining the Best Moving Companies for Long Distance

When trying to find the best moving companies for long distance relocations, it’s important to understand what makes a moving company great. I could get long winded and describe the qualities that make a great moving company in prose form, but instead we’ll see them in a quick and convenient bulleted form.

  • First off, they need to be able to provide comprehensive long distance moving services, which is to say that they handle intrastate, interstate, and international relocations. If you want to find out if they can, ask them, and then ask whether they use their own transportation or independent van lines to complete the job. You should look for a company that handles all of these moves with their own vehicles and movers.
  • They need to offer free on-site estimates, so that they can provide you with a legal and binding moving quote price. Once you’ve gotten a “not to exceed” quote through the on-site estimate process, you are protected from unexpected costs and hidden fees. This service also allows the moving company to see what they will need to do to complete the job, allowing them to prepare appropriately.
  • They must have their own team of experienced, dedicated movers. These should be clean-cut professionals, who have spent years working for the company and in the industry (obviously there will be newbies occasionally, but they need to know what they’re doing because your stuff has sentimental and monetary value to you). Don’t settle for anything less than service with a smile, because with the best moving companies for long distance you’re paying for top quality service.
  • They need to have their own fleet of vehicles, and ideally they should have environmentally friendly vehicles. Find out if they have their own van lines for cross-country and intrastate moves, and what they do for international relocations (let’s be real for a moment, don’t expect many moving companies to have their own boats or planes). Also, look for companies that have their trucks updated to meet state emission’s standards and fuel them with bio-diesel. Bonus if you find a company that offers eco-friendly packing materials, contracts, and estimates.
  • They need to offer personalized, comprehensive assistance with every long distance move. They should assign a moving consultant to your move to help you with the planning and logistics. They should also be able to provide materials and packing assistance, should you need it. And, obviously they need to be able to handle the labor and transportation, as well as, any storage. If they have their own storage facility, that is check mate, because they will have any potential moving needs covered.

Choosing the Best Moving Companies for Long Distance

When you’re ready to choose the best moving company for your long distance move, you need to have multiple on-site estimates performed. The on-site estimate is the only way to get that legal, binding moving quote, which will give you a maximum total cost. Any reputable moving company will provide this service for free, and will encourage it because it allows the company to get a clearer idea of how the move will go. Once you’ve gotten a few on-site estimates, and have a few potential companies in mind, you need to verify their licensing and insurance information with the local Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Transportation. Both organizations regulate the moving industry and will be able to provide valuable information. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to the main office or facility that the company operates out of, so that you have a better idea of how professional and orderly their day-to-day operations are. If you’ve done those three things, and all of the information and advertising the company does is honest and straightforward, then you’ve got a suitable mover on your hands.

Acclaimed Movers is the Best Moving Company for Long Distance

If you want to save yourself some time and trouble during your search, you should get a free, no-obligation quote from Acclaimed Movers. For ten years, Acclaimed has offered comprehensive long distance moving services, which are designed to make relocations simple and efficient. They handle all types of long distance moves, transporting homes and businesses all over the world, and have a team of professional movers who are all hard-working company men. When you make a long distance move with Acclaimed, you get assistance with preparations, including packing assistance, you get hardworking, trustworthy movers, and you get reliable transportation to any place in the world. The company has a fleet of cutting-edge trucks, all of which run on bio-diesel fuel and utilize GPS for efficient navigation. Additionally, they use soy-based paper and soy-ink for all contracts and estimates, as well as, recycled packing materials. With unparalleled services at unbeatable rates, Acclaimed Movers stands atop the heap of the best moving companies for long distance relocations.

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