The Ins and Outs of Local Moving Quotes

Moving QuoteAny relocation, be it commercial or residential, which covers less than one hundred miles, is considered a local move. People tend to think that these are easy moves, but they aren’t, which is why professional movers exist. But, in order to get professionals, you need to understand local moving quotes. The local moving quote is an estimation of the total cost of the move, provided by the moving company. Legally, these quotes must be provided through the on-site estimate process, though many companies like to give rough estimations over the phone or online. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the local moving quote, so that you’re ready to get one as your moving day approaches.

Local Moving Quotes

For local moves in the state of California, moving quotes are based on a three hour minimum, with specific pricing based on the number of laborers used. After the hourly minimum, companies often charge a pro-rated amount based on fifteen to thirty minute increments of time. Included in the hourly rate, you get the laborers, a truck, as well as, the disassembly and reassembly of furniture, the blanketing of items, and the temporary use of wardrobe boxes. In addition to paying for the hours of labor, you will also pay for double drive time, which is a state mandated fee that provides a verifiable driving and fuel charge. Double drive time is not as scary as it sounds, it’s actually rather simple; the time it takes from the pickup location to the drop off location is calculated and doubled. This compensates the moving company for fuel and the wear and tear on their vehicle. Also, if you need any special packing for pianos, pool tables, flat-screen TVs, artwork, antiques, or other valuable or fragile items, then you will be assessed packing fees. These fees vary from company to company, but you will be aware of them as long as you have an on-site estimate performed.

On-site estimates are the only way to get an official, legal moving quote price for the relocation. The moving company will send a representative to your location, and they will calculate what it will take for them to complete the move. From there, they give you an accurate quote price, so that you have a very strong idea of what it will cost to complete the move. During the on-site estimate process, it’s important to point out any special furniture or needs that you may have, so that the company can give you a quote on what those needs will cost. We strongly advise that you get on-site estimates from at least three companies, so that you can compare and contrast the services offered and the rates they’re offered at. This will get you the best price and services for the move, and can even create a bidding war between companies for your job. Furthermore, having on-sites performed allows you to gauge how professional a moving company is, and can make a lasting impression as you decide which company to choose.

Local Moving Quotes from Acclaimed Movers

When you’re ready to get a local moving quote, you should start with Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed offers free, no-obligation local moving quotes five days a week during business hours. They can give you an estimate over the phone, online, or they’ll send one of their expert estimators to your home or business to physically assess the move, at which point they will present you with a binding, “not to exceed” quote price. With their on-site estimates, you’re protected from hidden costs and unexpected fees. You also get an accurate quote price for luxury moving services. Acclaimed Movers is a fully comprehensive, luxury moving company, with the ability and desire to provide moving solutions for all of your moving needs. Once you’ve gotten a quote from Acclaimed, you don’t need any more local moving quotes.

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