Top Los Angeles Movers

Top Los Angeles moversThe bustling city of Los Angeles incredibly continues to add to its population every year, which has subsequently caused the number of professional movers in the city to grow as well. With the influx of new moving companies, the market is awash with good companies, bad companies, and companies that fall somewhere in between. It’s become more and more difficult to differentiate the top movers from the rogue movers. To solve this issue, this handy guide has been put together, and it breaks down what separates the top Los Angeles movers from the rest of the industry. Here we go…

Picking the Top Los Angeles Movers

The first thing that will separate good movers from bad movers is the moving quote. The top Los Angeles movers will provide moving quotes that are affordable, but that also cover any costs the company will accrue during the move, including fuel, labor, and materials. This means that their quotes may not be the lowest, but they are the most transparent, and they are inclusive of all the things that you will pay for. Rogue movers or bad movers will provide incredibly low quotes that are intended to draw you in. These quotes will likely feel too good to be true, and that’s because they are. Once these companies have your stuff on the truck, they spring a litany of unexpected fees on you, and the price sky rockets. Now that you understand a little bit of what to look for as you gather quotes, you can start to think about other things that make the top Los Angeles movers stand out.

Having full licensing and insurance is another element that separates the top Los Angeles movers from the bottom of the barrel. The best movers in the City of Angels will be fully licensed, insured, and in good standing with both the Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Transportation (both organizations regulate the moving industry). They will also proudly display all licensing information on their trucks and their websites, so that it can be easily verified. Rogue or bad moving companies will try to work around the law, avoiding getting the proper licensing and insurance, and will give you the run around when you try to verify their information. These companies will also try to work around state-mandated fees like double drive time, which they say is to save you money. In reality, a fee like double drive time, though it has a terrible name, protects the customer and the company by providing a verifiable driving charge. Avoid companies that try to work around the law, by verifying all information with the DOT and PUC.

Quick Tips for Finding the Top Los Angeles Movers

Here are some quick tips, which will help you make an educated decision.

  • Research is the key to success
    Doing ample background research on any company you are interested in will allow you to end up with one of the top movers in Los Angeles. Check out websites, peer review sites, call and ask questions, and visit their facilities in person.
  • Always verify a company’s standing
    with the PUC and the DOT, as these organizations regulate the industry and have valuable information. You can find complaints, responses, and other info that will help you make your choice.
  • Don’t rely only on peer-review websites
    as they can be easily manipulated. Reputation management firms are out there, boosting online profiles every day, so take the information from these sites with a grain of salt.

Acclaimed Movers is the Top Los Angeles Mover

If you want to save yourself the hassle of wading through quotes and doing endless research, then get a free, no-obligation quote from the experts at Acclaimed Movers. Acclaimed has spent years handling all manner of moves in the Los Angeles area, and they offer fully comprehensive, luxury moving services. Their team of movers has the best tools and training in the industry, as well as, an unwavering work ethic. Their ability to provide a premium service, at an affordable rate, is what separates them from the competition. When you want service with a smile from the top movers in Los Angeles, you want Acclaimed Movers. They offer online, over-the-phone, and in-person quotes, and they’re ready to get you moving today.

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