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Moving to another country is a major obstacle to undertake and the best way to overcome the challenge of it all is to be informed of the many variable details that go into moving internationally. There are legal hurdles, decisions to make when packing, and surprising changes to take into consideration. There is also the task of finding the right help. Acclaimed Movers, the leading innovator in world moving, provides full service moving and is happy to walk customers through the many steps that go into the process of relocating internationally.

World Moving Key Tips

There are a few key details to look into when approaching an international move. A lot of the answers to your questions depend on the laws in effect at the country to which you are moving. The first step to look into is the legal documentation that will be needed to move to a different country.

Tip: Compile a folder of all of your personal documentation (ID, Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Medical paperwork, etc) to have in one convenient location for usage throughout the process. Keep this handy at all times. Don’t pack it away in a box.

Your destination’s requirements

    • Schedule an appointment to visit the embassy or consulate of your destined country to find out what will be needed. Collect any paperwork required, complete and submit as soon as possible.
    • Use to locate your destination’s embassy and acquire contact information as well as determine if a visit is necessary.
    • PassportU.S. Passport

      You will probably need a passport to enter the country. Check that your passport is up to date. You can apply for a passport at your local post office, library, or other government desks. A searchable online database is available at

      To apply for a passport you will need the following:

      • 2 identical passport size photos
      • Picture ID/Driver’s License
      • US passport or proof of citizenship
      • Payment
      • Completed application

      It generally takes up to three weeks to get your new passport. You must apply in person if it is your first time acquiring a passport. You must also apply in person if your last passport was issued over 12 years ago, your passport was lost or stolen, or you were under 18 when your last passport was issued you .

    • Visa

You may need to acquire a visa when world moving. This may sometimes require a letter of recommendation. Consult your employer or bank manager for a letter to the consulate. Visit for more information on the different types of visas available and how to apply.

  • Driver’s license

    You will also need to get a driver’s license in your new country. You can acquire a international driving license at your local DMV, however these are not redeemable in all countries. Most countries still require that you attain a local license. Contact the DMV of your destination to acquire information for attaining a license.

  • BanksU.S. Bank

    Another legal and technical hurdle to consider when world moving is banking in your new country. Many major banks have international branches, look into the requirements for using your account in another country. Banks that do not have an international branch available should be able to recommend locally based alternatives in the area.

  • School

    Schools work differently in different countries. Most other developed countries have three options for school; state, private, and international. Most children moving from the United States are enrolled in international schools as they are closest shaped to our educational system. Private schools are also a common alternative though they are considerably more costly. Some countries do not allow foreign students to enroll in local state schools as school systems may be full or dramatically different.

    The US Department of State Office of Overseas Schools has a list available of schools that meet their standards of education available at There are other institutions with different recommendations to offer based on different criterion, consider which school system could work best for your child when world moving

  • PetsWorld Moving with pets

    Bringing your pets when world moving presents its own set of complications as well. Look into the laws specific to your destination as well as cost for international pet movers as this is a specific branch of the moving industry.


Before packing to move there are a few questions to ask:

  • What are the electrical voltage and plug configurations in my destination country?
  • Is my phone configured for international usage? Can my service be transferred?
  • Who are the local ISP providers? Is my modem approved for international usage?

Between the cost of moving delicate electronics and the complications of using them internationally, it may be in your best interest to invest in new electronics and appliances. Other large household items, like furniture are also very expensive to move. If they hold little sentimental value then it may be a good idea to put it all in storage, or sell it and purchase new household items at your new country.World Moving Packing

When it comes to packing everything you’ve decided to take with you, hiring professional movers is a considerable advantage. Acclaimed Movers offers full service international moving. Acclaimed provides full coverage during every step of the move. Experts are available to offer assistance with all the preparation stages and will pack your household safely and in the proper ready-for-shipping fashion. Hiring full service moving for international moves is the best method to ensure your possessions are properly packed for freight shipping and getting all of your legal matters in order.

Any items you decided pack yourself, be sure they are properly protected and tightly packed with bubble wrap. Clearly label everything, and make certain delicates are handled accordingly. Always keep jewelery and small valuables somewhere special and if you must put them in the hands of a shipping agent, taking out insurance is always a good idea. When your team of world moving experts are packing your household supervise the process, itemizing and labeling every box. Taking this small measure will make unpacking much easier.

Hiring Help

Hiring an international moving company is crucial, even if a customer decides to opt out for the full-service assistance. The way international shipping typically works:

  • The origin mover, who may be the company which you have employed, will pack and load your items for world moving and deliver them to the appropriate port.
  • A freight forwarding company will arrange for your goods to be shipped by plane or sea to the port nearest to your destination. Shipping by plane is typically faster than shipping by sea but also more expensive.
  • When your items arrive at your international port of call another moving company will retrieve your items and clear foreign customs. From there your items will be delivered and unpacked (should you choose) at your new destination.Worlding Moving Movers
  • The moving company you hire may be on either end of the shipping. Hiring locally based international moving companies is a good idea because they will have a relocation consultant available to visit your property, offer guidance on planning the move, and generate a quote specific to your needs. Another reason hiring locally is a good idea is because it is sometimes harder to inspect the reputation of a moving company located in another country. Local companies often hold ratings from the Better Business Bureau and interstate moving companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) which offers detailed profiles of Commercial Motor Vehicles to the public. Always check a company’s standings with the Better Business Bureau at and the FMCSA at Always have a phone number to a representative with your moving company who is personally overseeing your move. Every reputable moving company will operate in this fashion. If possible find out information on the freight forwarding company and any other branch companies that may be involved with you move.


    When the move occurs you should have all of your paperwork in order and your household being delivered by professional movers. There are a few other points to consider in the move that you could be ready for with the right preparation:

    • Language

      Is there a different language spoken in this new country, and do you understand/speak it? If not, learning a few key phrases such as “excuse me”, “thank you”, “where is the bathroom”, “where is the bus stop”, and “how much is this” are very useful to get by while you are learning more.

    • Toiletries

      Your favorite brands/hygienic products may not be available in other countries. In fact you may be surprised to find the restroom situations are very different than what you are accustomed to. Consider packing a month or two of your favorite hygienic products to be prepared for any surprises you may need to accommodate.Worlding Moving Truck

    • Driving

      You may have looked in to the requirements for legal driving but have you looked into how different the driving experience may be? If you are considering shipping your car look into the legality of bringing a US car when world moving. Consider that in many countries the roads run on opposite sides then in the United States and cars may have variable differences beyond the steering wheel placement.

    • Dress

      It may be summer when you get on the plane but will it be winter when you arrive? The weather can vary dramatically in different parts of the world, research online to know how to adequately dress and what clothes to have shipped or keep on hand.

    When you have arrived in your new country contact the shipping agent delivering your household and make yourself immediately available. Don’t let your household sit in storage and add up a large bill or get lost in customs. Taking these and further precautions can make an international move doable and even enjoyable. Acclaimed Movers representatives can help plan every stage going in to a move and provide any legal paperwork needed for world moving. Acclaimed Movers also offers specialty services including auto transport, handling high-value art, and storage solutions.

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