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  • Same high-level of professionalism you expect in a move by Acclaimed.
  • We ship all manners of cargo, from household goods to automobiles and everything in between.
  • Experienced in foreign documentation and customs.

Worried that an international move will be a huge ordeal requiring you to spend yourself trying to get everything in order?

Not to worry, because your one stop moving resource, Acclaimed Movers & Storage, has the tools to help you make a smooth transition, whether your move is to an adjoining country or across the globe. Just as we are trained to provide you with professional service in the United States, we carry over the same professionalism and quality to our clients making international moves.

We ship all manner of cargo from household goods to vehicles and machinery. Your items will be professionally packed in our cargo containers and shipped anywhere you need them to be. Your items will be picked up by the same uniformed and friendly employees from Acclaimed you have come to know and trust. After pickup we will take all necessary steps to ensure you get your needs met and are able to make a successful transition to life in a new country.

At Acclaimed, we make sure our clients have proper documentation to make their international move a hassle free success. We will work with customs and walk you through the country’s shipping restrictions to make sure the move goes without a hitch. Give us a call and we will put your mind to rest, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of relocating to another country. Moving efficiently and keeping you stress free are our priorities!