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Business Moving

Millions of people work in Los Angeles on any given day, and the city is a favorite for businesses because of its diverse population and eclectic neighborhoods. As a result of its allure, Los Angeles has become a major hub for the business moving industry, as companies shrink, grow, and evolve into new work spaces. In such a chaotic, crowded city, it’s important that all business moving is done by trained professionals. These business moving experts understand how to quickly and efficiently move a business, while limiting the downtime that companies face during the transition. They also understand the nuances of moving within the city, allowing them to work around any obstacles. When you need to do any business moving, Acclaimed Movers, Los Angeles’ most experienced, luxury moving company, is here to help.

Business Moving

Acclaimed Movers recognized that there was a growing need for top-quality business moving services, and that’s why we assembled a team of the nation’s most experienced business movers. Not only did we hire the best of the best, but we also put all of our relocation specialists through extensive training to ensure that they can properly wrap, pack, and move any item. Additionally, we’ve equipped our business moving team with cutting-edge tools and packing materials, so that every move gets the same level of precision and care. Our packing service is perfect for businesses of all types, as we disassemble and reassemble items that require it, and design custom moving crates for all valuable or delicate items like flat-screen TVs, electronics, artwork, and antiques. All transportation is conducted by our massive fleet of top-of-the-line trucks, all of which are equipped with GPS so that we can find the most efficient routes and circumvent bad traffic. We have trucks equipped with lift-gates, which allows us to safely load items weighing up to twenty-five hundred pounds. When you need to move an office, warehouse, retail facility, restaurant, medical clinic, or some other business, Acclaimed Movers has the tools and experience to make the process effortless and enjoyable. Our unparalleled skills and experience have earned us an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Here is What You Get When Acclaimed handles your Business Moving:

  • Los Angeles’ best business movers. Our business moving team is comprised of clean-cut, professional, relocation specialists; who have spent years perfecting their craft. Our movers will work tirelessly to ensure that your business has a seamless, quick transition to the new location. We’ll also always provide service with a smile.
  • Hands-on assistance. We have moving consultants who will help with all logistics and preparations, making it easy to find the perfect moving day, the right packing materials, and the services your business needs. We also create a detailed inventory of all items being moved, and offer a packing service that ensures the safe transportation of your belongings. We provide comprehensive assistance from start to finish, making business moving easier than ever before.
  • A “Green” business moving experience. We have recently made the switch to soy-based paper with soy ink for all of our contracts and estimates as we move towards a sustainable workplace. Additionally, we fuel up all of our trucks with bio-diesel, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint. One move at a time, we’re doing our part to preserve the environment.